The UK's bad summer of weather means food price rise

Last updated at 12:29
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Wheat - it's the stuff that goes into loaf everyday foods like bread, cereals and pasta.

But the cost of some of these items looks set to rise.

It's all because of the freak weather we've had this summer, which has caused big problems for wheat crops across the country.

It's left them swamped, damp and mouldy - leading to diseases that has stopped them from growing properly.

Now of course rain can be good for our crops. But too much can cause a headache for farmers.

The problems are being felt across the world - America and Russia are two of the world's biggest wheat producers. A drought in the States has caused many crops to be lost completely, while Russia's crops have been hit by a heat wave.

All of this adds up when your parents hit the checkout.

The extreme weather is having an impact on other foods too. Chicken and pigs feed on wheat grain. And with less of it around this year, the price of meat and dairy produce could also rise.