Frankenweenie - you told us your wacky inventions!

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Tim Burton's FrankenweenieAP

Tim Burton's latest film, Frankenweenie, is about a boy who invents a machine to bring his dog back to life.

The director is famous for films about crazy inventions and this week Joe is going to meet the mad professor himself.

We asked you to send us your crazy inventions so that when Joe meets Tim your ideas might be seen by the world-famous director.

Here's what you came up with!

"I would invent a homeworkatron, that would do all your homework for you and leave more time to watching newsround!"

Heidi, England

"I would invent a NSH (no school helmet) which you put on for a few seconds each morning and it tells you what you would have learnt at school so you don't have to go."

Rebecca, Derby, England

"I would invent a machine that reads other people's minds so you know all their secrets."

Nigel, York, England

"I would invent Velcro on the quilt cover at the edges to stop it falling off the bed when you turn over at night."

Luke, Nottingham, England

"I would invent a contact lens that lets you take pictures just by blinking."

Katie, Cornwall, England

"I wish there was a robot that does your bed for you in the morning."

Monica, London, England

"I would invent a remote to send people into the television. You would point it at the person and then press Enter/OK/Select and then POOF! They're gone. And then they're back again... on the TV! It would be called TPort."

Jeremy, York, England

"I would make an automatic coffee machine that would make coffee every hour so I wouldn't have to make my mum and dad coffee!"

Megan, Wirral, England

"I would invent a robotic servant which could make wishes come true."

Kyle, Uckfield, England

"I think that there should be an invention that can make you fly like a bird, anywhere you want to go!"

Rhiannon, Bolton, England

"I would invent a machine that would make you flexible and dance like Gangnam Style!"

Abudharr, Doha, Qatar

"I would make a 'homework-doing' machine so I wouldn't have to do any homework!"

Aisling, London, England

"I would make an invention that would do any thing I told it to including my homework and going to school in my place."

Rajveer, London, England

"We have had a chat as a class and decided our best invention idea, is a pencil that sharpens automatically or a question calculator. A calculator that can be asked a question and an answer to that question comes u straight away!"

Dosbarth Miss Dennis, Swansea, Wales

"I would invent a machine that turns things into chocolate!"

Lilly, London, England

"I would make a robot that prints £50 notes all day."

Euan, Dunfermline, Scotland

"I would invent a generator that creates any combination of pets up to 5 times. It also uses anti-allergy powder so if your parents are allergic to a pet you can still have one!"

Olivia, Harrogate, England

"I would invent a robot that produces a very small piece of breakfast gum: you can select 1-3 types of things for breakfast, e.g. bacon, egg, beans, or cereal, then it makes a piece of gum which has them in, then when you get to school you can swallow it and it won't harm you. A small piece of gum would be much easier then taking ages to eat your breakfast!"

Yasmin, Hertfordshire, England

"We love your films Tim Burton and we would like to make an invention for you. I would invent a big machine that could give you any food you like such as KFC or Nandos and it could also transport you to the future and let you see what's happening there."

Samantha and Jeannie, Glasgow, Scotland

"I would invent a machine that could teach me, play with me and clean my room!"

Antonia, Doha, Qatar

"My wacky invention would be a machine that when you put a book with the picture of your favourite character or drawing in one end, your favourite character comes out the other end and they last for 24 hours."

Bethan, Staffordshire, England

"I would make a robot that has a screen, so I can watch CBBC anytime."

Leah, London, England

"My invention would be a mushroom powered aeroplane, so I wouldn't have to eat them."

Isobel, London, England

"I would invent a machine that baby-sits so when you can't find a babysitter you can have your very own one."

Rosanna, Staffordshire, England

"I would invent a machine that could make you in to whatever you want to be, like a football star, pop star or rich person."

Adam, Liverpool, England