New dinosaur that's part bird, vampire bat and porcupine discovered!

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Pegomastax africanusReuters

A new kind of dinosaur has been identified that is part parrot, part vampire bat and part porcupine.

Scientists say the scary looking beast is called Pegomastax africanus, which means "thick jaw from Africa".

The dinosaur had a parrot-like beak, porcupine-like spikes and sharp fangs, which is unusual because they also think it was a vegetarian!

Experts from the University of Chicago sayPegomastax africanus was identified from fossils found in South Africa

It was about the size of a pet cat and lived 100-200 million years ago.

Professor Paul Sereno, from the University of Chicago, actually first discovered the creature way back in 1983.

But he got distracted by other work and didn't get round to writing about it until now!