What are your school dinners like?

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Hayley reports on plans for school dinners

Newsround has been chatting to a team who are examining school meals across the country.

The Government have asked the founders of healthy fast food chain Leon to look into how healthy your school dinners are.

They're visiting schools and chatting to teachers to find out what food you get served.

And we wanted to know a bit more as well...

We asked, what are your school dinners like at the moment? Do you like them or would you prefer if there was more or less choice?

Do you want more healthy options? Or would you be upset if things like chips were taken off the menu completely?

And check out Hayley's report, in which she visits a school that's famous for its healthy new menus, with salads and fruit - though that doesn't mean kids can't enjoy the odd treat...

Your Comments

"In our school, our dinners we are mostly healthy, we have a salad cart which you can choose from but we do have treats for pudding as well."

Abigail, Barrow, England

"I think school dinners are great, we have sausage rolls, pizza and hot dogs and for dessert we have chocolate shortbread and custard."

Rosanna, Endon, England

"Our school dinners are unhealthy and need to change."

Megan, Oldham, England

"A lot of people have school dinners because they are really cheap but you only have two choices and when you're in Year 5 and Year 6 you get the same amount as the younger ones but sometimes can have seconds but there is not always any left.

Livia, England

"We do not have school dinners, we bring our own food because the school is way to small for a cafeteria with a hundred people eating in it."

Cecilia, Hong Kong, China

"We don't have school dinners in our country because schools across the country finish at about 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm but if we did I'd love to have things like bake and buljol (saltfish), tomato choka and things like that."

Danicia, Trinidad and Tobago

"No one in my class has school dinners anymore as the quality of them isn't good and the choices aren't varied at all."

Amy, Wiltshire, England

"I don't mind my school dinners but as I am vegetarian I don't have many choices. I have tried the vegetarian options but I don't really like them. Normally I would have sandwiches but not eat them, or I would only eat my vegetables and leave the rest."

Alicia, Croydon, England

"My school dinners are not very healthy at all. We have hotdogs two times a week!"

Abigail, York, England

"I love my school dinners because the dinner ladies are very friendly and make nice food."

Ellie, Llawhaden, Wales

"I think our school meals are always delicious really! There is a healthy, balanced choice every day and we have a fingerprint system so no one else can spend our money. We always have fish and chips on a Friday and we occasionally get chocolate pudding!"

Amy, Scarborough, England

"Our hot dinners are amazing! They are the best dinners I have ever had! Sometimes we do have a chocolate cake or something but we always have something healthy."

Francesca, Cambridgeshire, England

"I think that dinners at school should stay how they are as long as there is junk and healthy food together."

Lusie, Leicester, England

"I think that healthier foods like having salads would be better for pupils but I must say I LOVE pizza!"

Angel, Chester, England

"Our school dinners are really nice but a lot of people go down the street for lunch and get chips and stuff."

Hannah, Angus, Scotland

"Our school dinners can be alright but sometimes they are revolting. I eat what is on my plate but it can be appalling. It can also be brilliant. We have salad bars and a baguette bar. We pay £2.00 per meal but I think it should be less because they aren't brilliant..."

Tabitha, Guildford, England

"Our school food is really delicious, they give us different foods from different countries e.g. pizza from Italy, vegetable curries from India and hotdogs from America, but of course they give us plenty of healthy food too. For the desserts they sometimes give us cake with custard and even ICE CREAM!!"

Akram, London, England

"I'm in secondary school and our school dinners are the same nearly every day apart from one meal and we don't get the choice of much and it's not that healthy either."

Katie, Northampton, England

"Our school dinners are really nice but very expensive because of the very small size compared to other schools. The snack bar is the most expensive but it is very nice."

Tania, Kent, England

"At my school the dinners are fine but not so healthy. For example, the desserts are always stuff like cake. There are yogurts but everyone chooses cake."

Sophie, London, England

"Our school dinners are amazing! We are allowed up for seconds and there are always good options!!!"

Rhea, Aberdeen, Scotland

"At my school we get fish and it is so good."

Samantha, Stirling, Scotland

"My school recently changed providers. Before it was disgusting. Sometimes they were healthy but sometimes it was frankfurters."

Eve, Kent, England

"'Our schools dinners go down a treat. My school isn't like those schools that say, 'Oh you have to eat this or have to eat that.'"

Mimi, London, England

"I have only had school dinners a few times before as I have packed lunches. Sometimes school dinners look like dogs muck and sometimes they can be nice like pizza or chips but there is always something healthy on the menu. My secondary school has a wide variety of foods to choose from."

Eden, London, England

"The school dinners are the same everyday at my school although there are pizza and paninis at break!"

Ella, East Sussex, England

"When I lived in England the school dinners were a good sized portion of food but there wasn't much choice. When you got up to year 5 and 6 the portions were the same as the younger kids' ones so it wasn't that good."

Zainab, Qatar

"We would like larger portions available and more variety like they have in other countries like France."

Primary 5, Cambusbarron Primary School, Stirling, Scotland

"When I lived in England the school dinners were excellent and I loved lunchtime."

Caitlin, Dubai

"Ours are disgusting, luckily we have a special type of vending machine where we put our finger on it and it recognises our finger print. We put money on our account so we have money for the dinners or vending machine food!"

Isabel, Plymouth, England

"Our school dinners are not that bad. There is a salad bar which pupils can eat. I don't know how much it costs but I suspect that since it's salad and everyone's trying to eat healthily, it won't be that expensive. There are also cooked meals which are £1.40."

Ceri, Strathmore

"Our school dinners are healthy - there are sometimes treats but they are healthy. Sometimes there are wedges but there are seasonal vegetables and fruits, yogurts and of course pizza!"

Nia, Dorset, England