Where in space should we explore?

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Find out how to get involved in space week...

All this week, Joe's going to be taking Newsround fans on a spectacular tour of the universe and we want you to tell us your thoughts on space exploration.

What we do in space has always been decided by men in suits, so instead we want to know what you'd pick to do.

Do you think we should explore more of Mars or go back to the Moon?

Or maybe you think we should go as far as we can in the solar system?

Do you reckon scientists should try to land on an asteroid?

Or perhaps you think more time could be spent exploring our own planet?

Thank you for all your comments. This page is now closed but you can read some of the comments below.

Your Comments

"Uranus and Neptune have only been visited once by Voyager 2. We still know so little about the two ice giants and their moons."

Kat, Tokyo, Japan

"I think we should go out as far as we can in the Universe to know more about the Universe so we can get closer to finding out if there is life out there."

Rushabh, Pennsylvania, USA

"I think that we should keep on exploring Mars to see what else there is and watch man walk on the Red Planet."

Katie, Wilmslow, England

"I think they should send a probe to Proxima Centauri. There is apparently an Earth-like planet there."

Dae, Sellyoak Class 6EG, England

"I think we should go past Planet X if possible. If not then go and explore Jupiter, it is the biggest after all."

Lauren, Portadown, Northern Ireland

"I think we should explore Mars because I want to find out whether there is life there or not?!"

Max, England

"I think we should examine outside of the solar system because you never hear anything about outside the solar system."

Connor, Blakenall, England

"I think we should explore Pluto because we don't know much about it."

Andrew, Stockon-on-Tees, England

"I think that we should explore more of the solar system because we could find out more facts and find new galaxies and planets."

Kristina, Bishops Stortford, England

"I think we should find out more about Mars since we know a lot about the Moon, so instead of starting to learn about some new planet we should keep working to find out more about the red planet!"

Nicole, Dublin, Ireland

"We took a vote and decided that we should further explore Mars. If there is a chance that it could support human life then we should develop it."

Mrs Henley's Year 5 class, Aylesbury, England

"We are creatures shaped by our environment. We should explore and colonize the Solar System, whether it is the Moon, Mars, asteroids or anything else, not in order to learn about space, but to develop to our maximum potential as a species and a culture, to learn about ourselves."

Costin, Bucharest, Romania

"I think that NASA should find out about lots of the planets in our Solar System and sent robots to most of them as well. There are loads of dwarf planets around space (including Pluto) so I think that they should be investigated as well. I would love to be the first girl / lady to walk on the moon or to even walk on another planet."

Helena, Llandaff, Wales

"In my opinion we should first go back to moon and set up a permanent base, which can be used like the ISS .You can maybe launch rockets (or even space shuttles) which will help to get man to the red planet; eventually setting off to explore the solar system and the rest of the universe."

Chesty, Andover, England

"I would like to land on an asteroid and travel through space at the speed of light as it would be a great experience!"

Holly, Hampshire, England

"We think that NASA should not just focus on Mars but should send robots out to all the different planets in our solar system. That way we can get information about all the planets and the results could surprise us!"

Year 4 Miss Dennis's Class, Swansea, Wales

"I think we should explore Mars in case we do have to move the human race. I'd rather be safe than sorry."

Oliver, Selby, England

"I think they should go as far as they can in the solar system so we can find out if there are any more planets in space!"

Lucy, Leeds, England

"I think we should send a human to Mars because a humans might find out more about Mars then we think?"

Gemma, Hertfordshire, England

"After a class vote, 30 students think that we should continue with Mars exploration. Humans may be able to occupy Mars in the future if the Earth becomes overpopulated or unsustainable. We also want to find out if there could be any other life on Mars."

8H John Colet School, Buckinghamshire, England

"I think that we should spend more time looking in the depths of the sea and at the creatures there."

Hannah, Angus, Scotland

"I think four, because if we do land on an asteroid it might have precious metals inside that are worth a lot of money. With that money we could build satellites and spaceships that will be able to allow us to go deeper into the universe."

Meryn, Wales

"I think that space travel is really important, because we don't just find out about other planets and places but it helps people to realise just how beautiful Earth is!"

Lowrie, Coventry, England

"I would travel around the solar system and see what's further than Mars because we have Curiosity on Mars at the moment and the could be water or animals on Neptune."

Tommy, Hertfordshire, England

"I think we should explore more of the universe and other planets be more chance of there being life at other places."

Taksh, Berkshire, England