Charity claims UK is failing children seeking asylum

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Children seeking asylum in the UK need more help, according to a report by the charity The Children's Society.

Every year thousands of children travel to the UK to escape problems in their home countries.

In 2011 there were 1,277 applications from children seeking asylum.

Some even come on their own without their families and the Children's Society says not enough is being done to help them when they arrive.

It says the way the UK Border Agency (UKBA) deals with children when they first get here, leaves them frightened and confused.

The 33 children who spoke to the charity said that officials often didn't believe their stories and were suspicious about their ages.

The report has called for the UKBA to be more child-friendly so children can understand what is happening to them when they seek asylum in the UK.

It also says better support and training is needed for the people working with children.

The UK Border Agency said it was already addressing many of the issues raised in the report.