36 giant African land snails seized at airport

Last updated at 15:56
Giant African land snails

A man's been stopped from smuggling 36 giant snails into Scotland.

The live giant African land snails were seized by border control officers at Glasgow Airport.

The were found in the suitcase of a Nigerian man who said he was bringing them into the country to eat.

The snails were found in his luggage after he took a flight from Amsterdam earlier this month.

The snails are about 15cm in length, with shells the size of a small human fist.

You need a special license to bring live animals into the country, which the man did not have.

The snails were seized and passed on to a rescue organisation.

Murdo MacMillan, from Border Force in Scotland, said:

"Our officers at Glasgow airport stopped these snails from entering Scotland, and possibly posing a risk to our native plants and wildlife."