Chris Moyles says he's ready for his new stage show job

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Hear what Chris Moyles feels about his new singing job!

Having left Radio 1's breakfast show, Chris Moyles is now preparing to appear on stage as a singer.

He's playing the part of King Herod in a new stage show of Jesus Christ Superstar.

He'll be performing alongside former Spice Girl Melanie C, comedian Tim Minchin and talent show winner Ben Forster.

Jesus Christ Superstar was originally written by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice nearly 40 years ago.

It was inspired by stories from the Bible about the life of Jesus Christ, although the stage version has been adapted from the original stories.

Chris Moyles said when he first started rehearsals he was "massively" out of his comfort zone.

But now he feels different - watch the clip to see!

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