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Pictures: New Guinness World Records announced

From huge horses to bulging biceps, the latest and greatest record-breaking achievements of the universe have been announced.
Asako Kanda from Japan has the largest Hello Kitty collection ever - over 4,519 different items! Her house is filled with Hello Kitty things, such as a Hello Kitty frying pan, a Hello Kitty electric fan and even a Hello Kitty toilet seat!
Japanese girl pictured with her record breaking Hello Kitty collection.
Sharran Alexander from London is recognised as the heaviest sportswoman, weighing in at 32 stone. She is the only female sumo wrestler on the UK team.
Heaviest sports woman in the world poses for the camera.
Think you own the most amount of Barbies? Well you'd be wrong. Bettina Dorfmann from Germany has 15,000 of them! She has been collecting the dolls since 1993.
German woman posing with her award winning Barbie doll collection.
Meet Archie, the world's shortest Bull. He is only 76.2 cm tall!
Farmer poses with the smallest bull in the world.
The largest drum set in the world has 340 pieces! It is owned by Dr. Mark Temperato from the USA. We wouldn't like to be his neighbour!
Owner of the world's largest drum set poses with his kit.
Take a look at these bulging biceps. At 25.5cm, Mostafa Ismail from Egypt has the largest arms in the world. But unlike cartoon muscle-man Popeye, Mostafa says he can't stand spinach!
Man with largest biceps in the world poses for the camera.
It's official, Zeus the 3 year-old Great Dane is the tallest dog ever. The humongous hound is 111.8cm and weighs in at 70.3 kg. This and the other pics here are from the new Guinness World Records 2013 book.
Largest dog in the world, a Great Dane called Zeus, being fed.
Imagine cycling to school on this monster! The heaviest rideable bicycle weighs 750 kg and was built by Wouter van den Boschin from the Netherlands.
World's heaviest bicycle.
Fancy getting a new hair style? Try this one for size - the tallest Mohican measures 113.5 cm and belongs to Kazuhiro Watanabe from Japan.
Man with tallest mohican poses for the camera.
She may not have an Olympic medal, but Johanna Quaas from Germany is still world-class. The 86 year-old has been named the world's oldest gymnast. A retired PE teacher, she took part in her first competition at the age of 56. Johanna says: 'I hope the record inspires others to realise it's never too late.'
World's oldest gymnast balances on a bar.
This is the tallest living horse, Big Jake. The nine-year-old Belgian Gelding horse, who measured 20 hands (210.19 cm), lives in the USA.
Largest horse in the world poses for the camera with owner in the USA
Meet Sam from Oklahoma, officially recognised as the tallest donkey in the world. The dazzling donkey towers over his owner at a massive 155.45 cm.
Tallest donkey in the world and his owner.