Should CCTV cameras be used in schools?

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Pupils in Oxfordshire tell us what they think about CCTV in schools

Around nine out of ten secondary schools in England, Wales and Scotland are using CCTV cameras to keep a closer eye on their pupils.

But a campaign group, called Big Brother Watch, has found that over 200 have cameras which are positioned in toilets and changing rooms.

They're worried that having so many cameras in those areas could be a breach of pupils privacy.

Schools say the cameras are there to keep kids safe.

We asked you what you thought of this and loads of you got in touch. Here's what you had to say.

Your comments

"I think it's a bad idea. In my school we have CCTV cameras watching the hand dryers/washers in the toilets!"

Liam, Somerset, England

"We think there should be CCTV in the playground, corridors and cloakrooms to protect our school and our belongings."

P7 Class at a primary school in Stirling, Scotland

"We have CCTV cameras at our school in the outdoor areas which helps when it comes to fights."

Sian, Norwich, England

"Our school has CCTV cameras but someone still managed to steal phones from our changing rooms."

Adele, Warrington, England

"I think that we should have them but not in the private areas of the school, for example in the changing rooms."

Class 6J, England

"We have more than 10 cameras in my school. I don't like them and we have one it the boy's toilet."

Kieran, County Durham, England

"We have more than five cameras at school but it still didn't stop a laptop being stolen."

Leuan, London, England

"I don't think cameras should be used in schools because pupils should be trusted."

Alexandra, Lancashire, England

"I think that school pupils should have ties with microphones, not cameras, and somewhere to monitor and record the pupil's voices."

Taylor, Derbyshire, England

"I think that we should have CCTV cameras because there might be serious bullying taking place that teachers can't see."

Imogen, London, England

"I think it is completely wrong to have cameras in toilets and changing rooms. Who wants your teachers watching you get changed? Students should have privacy. They would be ok in locker rooms, but it would also cost lots of money."

Rachel, York, England

"They should not be in the school at all, only in the playground in case of a fight or to look at if someone broke in."

Jordanna, Cardiff, Wales

"I'm in primary school and they use CCTV cameras if someone does something wrong, when they check the camera footage."

Luca, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

"I think CCTV cameras should be used in school, however, they shouldn't be used in toilets and changing rooms."

Fatma, London, England

"We should have cameras on the outside of the buildings, and in corridors but not in areas that are private like toilets and changing rooms."

Brunts School, Nottinghamshire, England

"I think they should be used in schools, so the teachers can keep pupils safer but I think that there should be a limit to how many cameras they put up!"

Lucy, Wirral, England

"I think that CCTV should be in schools to keep a eye on you to make sure you're safe. As long as there not in places like toilets I think it's fine."

Tom, Sandhurst, England

"Yes I do think CCTV cameras should be banned in school."

Bryn, Warrington, England

"I think they should be used in the playground and around school but not in toilets."

Leah, Rotherham, England

"I think it is a bad idea because then it will make children worry if they do something bad they will get worried if they get detention."

Luke, Wolverhampton, England

"It is a good idea to have CCTV cameras outside of the school and some inside but in the changing rooms and bathrooms I think are just a raid of our privacy."

Danielle, Stirling, Scotland

"I think there should be cameras in school because this will stop bulling."

Elina, Norfolk, England

"I don't think schools should not have cameras because my school has and if you had a fight you don't want to get in trouble."

Amy, England

"I think it's a good idea because they can identify pupils that are bullies and find them and have a chat with them. It's also protecting pupils from strangers and fights with other pupils."

Anonymous, Scotland

"No because since my school added fences it feels like a prison."

Edward, Rugby, England

"I think that CCTV can be used but maybe not as much as it is, there's CCTV in the toilets at my school."

Rachel, Essex, England

"They shouldn't be in changing rooms or toilets, it's invading privacy."

Emily, Macclesfield, England

"I have CCTV in my school some of them are positioned in the toilets to be used as a defence against theft."

Benjamin, Buckinghamshire, England

"I think CCTV cameras should be used but not everywhere. They shouldn't put any in the toilets."

Ben, London, England

"I think there should be cameras because they will keep you safe but they should not be in the toilets because you need some privacy."

Leah, London, England

"Around The school yes but CCTV in the changing room and the toilets is a bit over the top!!"

Amma-Kay, London, England

"I think they are a good idea in case anything happens but not putting them in toilets as the pupils need their privacy."

Florence, London, England

"No! Students need their privacy. Teachers shouldn't always know what students are doing. Anyways, without cameras, a student can tell a teacher if another student is doing something bad."

Zita, Kiev, Ukraine

"I think that having cameras in public areas at school, for example the corridors is a good idea."

Alexandra, London, England

"I think CCTV cameras should not be used in schools."

Sara, London, England