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Nasa Curiosity rover beams back new pictures from Mars

The space robot has beamed back some pictures of itself from the Red Planet.
The space robot is carrying a lucky penny (a one cent piece) with it on its travels around our Solar System.
Lucky penny carried by Mars rover.
This is one of the rover's arms. You can see the little brushes at the end which are used to wipe off space dust! The pink circle is another camera which is still coated in dirt from the Red Planet.
Robot arm.
The new pictures show the robot from lots of different angles, which we haven't seen before.
Curiosity's wheels on Mars.
Behind Curiosity's big tyres you can spot the mountains which surround the Gale crater where the rover landed.
Curiosity's wheels on Mars.
There's nothing better than a holiday snap! Well the Curiosity rover seems to agree, and has sent back some more super pictures from its space travels on Mars. Here's a self-portrait it took.
Picture of Curiosity rover.