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British Wildlife Photography Award 2012 winners

A gannet jacuzzi and a secretive seal star in the winning photos from this year's British Wildlife Photography Awards.
This year's British Wildlife Photography Awards reveal glimpses of Britain’s wildlife that have never been seen before. Dr Matt Doggett's picture 'gannet jacuzzi' won the show. He said: "I like this image as almost every stage of the action is captured."
Gannet jacuzzi (c) Dr Matt Doggett / BWPA
High-speed photography specialist Dale Sutton won the Hidden Britain category. "Leap For Freedom" shows a dark bush cricket in mid-leap. "We all see grasshoppers and crickets sitting on grass stems but never after they have just taken off," he said.
Leap for freedom (c) Dale Sutton / BWPA
A herring gull plucking a puffin from the ground won the Animal Behaviour category. It was shot by Amanda Hayes on Inner Farne, Northumberland who spent a week trying to photograph gulls stealing puffins’ sand-eels. She said: "I’m not sure whose heart was beating faster – the puffin or mine!"
Herring gull and puffin (c) Amanda Hayes / BWPA
The Urban Wildlife category winner was this shot named "Starlings Watching Starlings", taken in Aberystwyth. It was taken by Phil Jones who said he "wanted something a little different so concentrated on the perched birds looking out to sea with the movement of the flock beyond them."
Starlings watching starlings (a) Phil Jones / BWPA
This magnificent red deer stag in a pine forest came out on top in the Animal Portraits category. The Cairngorms National Park provided the perfect location for Neil McIntyre, who said that "after a few near misses, eventually one stag stood in the perfect position and I got the shot I wanted."
Red deer stag in pine forest (c) Neil McIntyre / BWPA
Alexander Mustard took this image diving off Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel. "I saw a seal swim through this colourful cave and so I waited... and waited," he said and his patience was rewarded with this mysterious shot, which won the habitat category.
Grey seal in underwater cave (c) Alexander Mustard / BWPA
North Devon and East Cornwall's Culm grassland provided the inspiration for Stephen Powles' winning image in the Living Landscape category. Taken at night, the image shows how the road cuts through the unique habitat. "The deer sign further emphasises the conflict," said Mr Powles.
Culm divided (c) Stephen Powles / BWPA
The Wildlife In My Backyard category winner was this house-proud wasp shot by David Handley. Capturing the action of the wasp tidying outside its home proved challenging as "the nest was high on the wall so I had to use a small set of stepladders," he said.
Wasp house cleaning (c) David Handley / BWPA
This autumnal afternoon in the New Forest was submitted by Jeremy Walker, and won the Wild Woods category. He had to work quickly, "as the patterns and dapples are constantly on the move," he said. An exhibition of the photos runs from 17-22 September at the Mall Galleries, London; followed by a national tour.
New Forest in autumn (c) Jeremy Walker / BWPA