Meet Cheetah - the robot faster than Usain Bolt

Last updated at 12:57
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The robot that could beat Bolt

Scientists in the US have developed a machine called Cheetah, which they say can run faster than Usain Bolt.

Bolt's current record of 27.8 miles per hour is the fastest a man has ever run. But the super-quick robot managed to run at the speed of 28.3mph.

But no need for Usain to hang up his trainers just yet: Cheetah can only run in a straight line on a treadmill!

The robot is already the fastest four-legged machine in history, holding the current land speed record of 18mph.

Next year scientists hope to try and see how quickly Cheetah can run outside.

The Boston based lab are looking into how to make robotic legs work better, so they can develop machines which can be used to get to areas that are too dangerous for humans.