Keira Knightley: dyslexia 'doesn't mean you're stupid'

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Keira talks about her dyslexia to the BBC's Louise Minchin

Pirates of the Caribbean star, Keira Knightley, has spoken about how acting helped her to find a way around her dyslexia.

Keira, who was diagnosed when she was 6, says that: "Dyslexia is like a wall... it's very difficult to see over it."

"I was really lucky because I had acting... it was like a carrot that was being dangled in front of me because I had to be able to read those lines in order to do it."

The actress admits that it is hard work, but says that: "It doesn't mean that you're stupid... it just means that you work in a different way."

Other celebrities who, like Keira, haven't let their dyslexia stop them from being successful include: Jamie Oliver, Olympian Steve Redgrave and even the man behind Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney.