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Amazing movie posters from the new series of Doctor Who

A collection of movie style posters from the new series of Doctor Who.
A new series of Doctor Who starts on Saturday. Newsround takes a sneaky look-ahead at what's coming up with these movie style posters - and it looks like the Daleks are back in episode one!
The Doctor and his assistant are reflected in the eye stalk of a Dalek. The glass of the eye stalk is smashed.
You may have heard of snakes on a plane but in the second episode it looks like the Doctor will have even bigger problems to deal with. This episode needed one of Doctor Who's biggest ever sets to house the prehistoric creatures.
The Doctor rides a dinosaur on a space ship. The Earth can be seen through a window at the back of the space craft.
This episode is told from Rory and Amy's point of view and focuses on the impact the Doctor has had on their lives.
The Doctor and his companions hold cubes with the number 3 on them.
The third episode in the series is a western inspired adventure named 'A Town Called Mercy'. It was recorded in Spain.
The Doctor and his companions stand in a wild west town. Before them stands what appears to be a cowboy in leather chaps.
The series is split into two halves with five episodes being shown this year. In the fifth adventure the Weeping Angels return - and we're not sure everybody will escape this time. The new series begins Saturday at 7.20pm on BBC One.
The Doctor covers his face as he is approached by weeping angels. His companions Rory and Amy appear frozen in stone.