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Amazing snaps from Veolia's Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

A gallery of amazing wildlife photographs from Veolia's Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
Check out these amazing wildlife snaps from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. This is a Japanese Macaque - the photographer found a group of 30 huddling around hot springs trying to keep warm in the snow.
A close up of a Macaque monkey's face. Its eyes are closed as pearls of water drip from its fur.
Lions aren't known for their tree climbing skills but two brothers were spotted keeping cool in the branches. They didn't seem to notice the photographer and this one was snapped waking up from a nap.
A silhouetted tree on the savannah. A lion is illuminated high in the tree by torch light.
Some of the photos try to capture the relationship between humans and animals. These tigers have been raised at monastery in Thailand where tourists are able to get up close and pet them. Some campaigners are worried about how they're treated, whilst others think it's a good way to make money and care for endangered animals.
A tiger walks beside pedestrians on a street in Thailand. Baby tiger cubs follow close behind.
This picture looks almost like there's a mirror down the middle but this incredible shot was of two cheetahs! They were on the lookout for lions and the photographer only had a few minutes to capture this amazing picture before they went back to sleep.
Cheethas at the top of a mound look across the desert.
You don't have to be a professional to take a great snap. 11-year-old Hannah caught this fox eating chickens in her garden. She said she was really scared when it jumped up and looked at her straight in the eye! The sneaky fox means Hannah can't keep chickens anymore.
A fox is seen behind a wire fence. It has chicken feathers in its mouth.
It's not just exotic animals that feature in the competition - this mouse was caught having a midnight snack! The photographer caught the rodent red handed, he waited for it to pop back for another bite and this time had his camera ready.
A mouse nibbles on some peanut buttered toast in a kitchen.
These birds were trying to steal the gannet's sardine dinner - the photographer spent five days waiting in the water to get this shot. Some of the best photos will go on display in the National History Museum in London later this year.
The underwater photograph shows two birds trying to steal a sardine from the jaws of a gannet.
This scary creature looks like something from another planet - it's a jawfish spotted off the US coast. Jawfish hold hundreds of eggs in their mouths and hold them there until they hatch to protect them from predators.
A close up of a jawfish. Inside its mouth are hundreds of translucent eggs.