Are you excited about the Paralympics?

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The London Paralympics kicks off on Wednesday with a big opening ceremony to start 11 days of sporting action.

It's going to be the biggest Paralympics ever with sell-out crowds set to watch the best athletes in the world compete.

More than 500 gold medals are up for grabs across 20 different sports.

Britain were second in the medal table four years ago in Beijing, winning 42 golds and 102 medals in total.

But they're hoping to go even better this time around.

Are you excited about the Paralympics? Are you going to any events or are you going to watch it on TV?

Which sports are you most looking forward to and which athletes will you be cheering on?

Whatever you think let us know!

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Your Comments

"I'm going to watch goalball and blind football because I think it's amazing how they do it all!"

Sam, Bristol, England

"I am so excited about the Paralympics! I also have a disability and I am really happy that people with different conditions are able to take part in sports."

Olivia, Lancashire, England

"I am really looking forward to the Paralympics because I was lucky enough to get tickets for the wheelchair fencing."

Dillan, Kent, England

"This is going to be the best Paralympics ever - Paralympics GB have a great chance of coming 1st in the medal table! Go Paralympics GB!"

Georgia, Hampshire, England

"I will definitely watch the Paralympics. The athletes are super humans and they all inspire me!"

Sophie, Linclonshire, England

"I really can't wait for the Paralympics! I am most excited about watching Steve Brown the Paralympic rugby player. I am also looking forward to watching Susie Rodgers the Paralympic swimmer."

Phoebe, Gloucester, England

"I think that the Paralympics are really inspiring. I am going to watch the swimming and am looking forward to it hugely."

Katy, Surrey, England

"I can't wait! I've got tickets for the athletics and the swimming - I am looking forward to it so much!"

Anya, London, England

"I think it will be great to watch people with disabilities compete in the sports that they love. I also hope that Paralympics GB finish top of the medal chart."

Eashan, Wokingham, England

"I am definitely excited to watch the Paralympics as I have been lucky enough to get tickets to watch the athletics with my mum and dad."

Natasha, London, England

"I was glued to the telly during the Olympics and I'm hoping that the Paralympics will be just as exciting!"

Neha, Cheshire, England

"I am more excited about the Paralympics than the Olympics because my mum is in a wheelchair and I think it's good that disabled people have the chance to compete and win lots of medals."

Phoebe, Durham, England

"I'm really looking forward to the Paralympics and will definitely watch it this year because it's being held in London! It takes a lot of determination and confidence for all of the athletes taking part."

Tilly, Bristol, England

"I'm so excited about the Paralympics. I hope the best for all of the Great Britain team - good luck!"

Megan, Redbridge, England

"I am looking forward to the Paralympics because it shows no matter how able-bodied you are, you can still do what you love."

Emma, Glasgow, Scotland

"What I'm looking forward to is the basketball. I'm looking forward to that because a player came to our school! She told use how she got to play basketball and then we asked her questions."

Alyssa, Wigan, England

"I'm looking forward to the Paralympics because it's more exciting than the Olympics - it takes more determination and courage."

Caitlin, Blackpool, England

"I think that the athletes are amazing as they don't let the disability put them down and they do their sport to the best of their ability."

Olivia, Staffordshire, England

"I've got tickets to see Ellie Simmonds! I can't wait now for the start of the Paralympics."

Hammam, London, England

"I am really looking forward to the Paralympics because it lets people with disabilities show off their great talents."

Stacey, Shropshire, England

"I am really looking forward to the Paralympics because my family have tickets for athletics and swimming! Go Team GB!!!"

James, Kent, England

"I am excited about it because I think the Paralympic athletes are even more brave than the Olympic athletes! They overcome any difficulties to play the sport that they love!

Hannah, Staffordshire, England

"We are waiting for it to come on the TV and we are very excited!"

Aliya, New Delhi, India

"I think it's better than the Olympics because it is more of an achievement!"

Ceylin, Penarth, Wales

"I am very exited because I have a disability myself and really want to be in it when I am older."

Caitlin, Kent, England

"I'm really looking forward to the Paralympics. I will enjoy them even more than the Olympics."

Jessica, Runcorn, England

"Yes I'm going to watch the dressage it's amazing how the riders can give the correct signals to the horses, even with disabilities. Good luck."

Charly, Bucks, England

"I am really excited about the Paralympics because it shows that even if you have a disability, you can still take part in something and do well."

Honor, Fife, Scotland

"I think it's great how even if you have disabilities, you can still participate and it doesn't stop you from doing stuff people without disabilities do. You need a lot of courage and determination to do it! I'll definitely be watching it on TV!"

Sophie, Derby, England

"I am excited because I have a disability, and I think it is great that people with disabilities have a chance to win something."

Rebecca, Leicestershire, England

"I am really looking forward to the Paralympic football because it is very interesting how they do it."

Ben, Coventry, England

"I'm really excited about the Paralympics because it shows that just even if you're disabled, you can still do what you want."

Rachel, Norfolk, England

"I am really excited about the Paralympics and I can't wait to see what the opening ceremony is like. I hope there are fireworks because I can see them from my garden!"

Alice, Hackney, London

"I think that the Paralympics are better because the athletes have to work 10x harder. I take my hat off to all the disabled athletes no matter what country they come from."

William, Shropshire, England

"We are looking forward to the swimming because there are some fantastic swimmers including Ellie Simmonds, Hannah Russell and Sascha Kindred and we are swimmers ourselves."

Tom, Ben and Anna, London, England

"I'm very excited about the wheelchair basketball."

George, Birmingham, England

"I can't wait to see Ellie Simmonds and Oscar Pistorius! GO GB!!!"

Nina, Manchester, England

"I can't wait. I couldn't go to the Olympics but I'm glad I can watch the Paralympics. Paralympians have to train even harder than other athletes and they need to have perseverance and be determination."

Nia, Dorset, England

"I think it's great that the people in the Paralympics get to show the world what they are made of!"

Evie, Dunston, England

"I really admire the Paralympic athletes not only because they're in a whole different Olympics, but because they are so brave to take part in it!"

Catherine, Derbyshire, England

"At first I think I was more excited for the Olympics than the Paralympics, but now when I think about it it takes a lot of courage, determination, confidence and bravery to play and compete in the Paralympics so with that in mind I will appreciate it more and enjoy it more."

Rahmah, London, England

"Yes I think I will be watching the Paralympics because we haven't seen it in London before and I want to see how many medals we win."

Mya, London, England

"I can't wait for the Paralympics! My school managed to get hold of tickets, fantastically my little brother and I got tickets and my brother is seeing the final!!!"

Joanna, East Sussex, England

"I'm looking forward to it because we have a chance of being first in the medal table and it's interesting how people's bodies work with disabilities."

Rebecca, England