Is King Richard III buried under car park in Leicester?

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Where King Richard III is buried is a mystery and has had historians puzzled for hundreds of years.

But now, archaeologists in Leicester think they might have found the spot - and it's certainly not fit for a King.

Although they admit it's a 'long shot', the team from Leicester University are going to start digging up a car park in Leicester.

That's where they think the church that Richard was buried in once stood.

Richard III was the last King of England to die in battle.

His death, at the battle of Bosworth in 1485, brought the Wars of the Roses to an end and the Tudors took over the throne.

He's famous for lots of reasons - and they aren't all good.

Really Cruel

Richard III has gone down in history as being really cruel and lots of historians think he had his nephews killed so neither could take over as king.

Shakespeare even wrote a play about him - in which he's not a very nice character!

When he died on the battlefield, he was taken to a church in Leicester - but no one is sure where.

Now archaeologists think they might know where it is, so will use ground-breaking radar in the car park to find the best place to dig.

If remains are found, scientists will match DNA with the son of a descendant of Richard III's eldest sister to check if it is him.

His remains will then be moved to Leicester Cathedral.