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Pictures: Annual animal weigh-in at Zoo

Every year more than 16,000 animals at London Zoo are weighed and measured. The information is collected by the Zoological Information Management System.
We all know giraffes are tall, but just how tall are these ones? The giant measuring tape on the wall behind them helps keep track of how they measure up.
Three giraffes stand near a giant measuring tape.
This African Millipede is being measured and weighed as part of the yearly weigh-in. There are more than 16,000 animals at London Zoo and all of them are measured each year.
An African Millipede is held against a measuring tape.
This meerkat enjoys the view from the weighing scales. His friend doesn't seem so sure though.
A meerkat stands on a weighing scales while another sniffs it.
Elton the spectacled owl sits on his perch, does he know he's being watched and weighed?
An owl sits on his perch while a zoo keeper makes notes in the background.
This giant tortoise is called Dirk, he has come out of his shell to be measured.
A giant tortoise is measured at London Zoo.
This baby penguin called Pickle looks like he's not so keen to be weighed, but zoo keeper Vicki is on hand to stop him getting away.
A zoo keeper lifts a penguin onto a weighing scales.