Wiggins denies calling for new law on helmets

Last updated at 11:08
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Bradley Wiggins talks about staying safe on the road

Cycling gold medallist Bradley Wiggins has denied calling for a new law forcing cyclists to wear helmets.

Wiggins suggested at a press conference that making helmets compulsory would help protect cyclists on busy roads.

He has since written online saying he wasn't calling for a change in the law he was just saying what he thought would help.

He was asked about riding on busy roads after a cyclist died when he was hit by an Olympic bus near the Olympic park.

It's not known yet whether the victim was wearing a helmet but Wiggins said making it illegal to cycle without one would make things safer.

The accident happened close to the hockey centre and velodrome on Wednesday evening.

The 28-year-old man died when he was hit by a bus which was carrying journalists to the Games.

Wiggins grew up in London and said it can be really dangerous: "It's got a lot busier since I was riding a bike as a kid around here and I got knocked off several times."

He added that wearing a helmet and having lights on your bike is a great way to help yourself stay safe on the road.