Tom Daley ready for Games after his 'toughest year'

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Tom Daley getting out of poolGetty Images

Tom Daley says he's ready for his Olympic challenge, after the 'toughest year' of his life.

The 18-year-old takes part in the synchronised 10m platform final, just over a year since the death of his dad.

Daley and his partner Pete Waterfield will be aiming to win a medal, after winning at the World Series earlier this year.

"We've been getting British records, so I think we're the right team to be competing in the Olympics." said Daley.

Tom and Pete in practiceGetty Images
The first Olympic event Tom Daley ever watched was when Pete Waterfield and Leon Taylor won silver in Athens.

The pair's biggest challenge will come from the Chinese team.

Daley said: "Everyone's out to get China and in diving a silver is almost a gold."

"Its such a great opportunity to go out and dive in front of a home crowd and if you dive well and get in the medals, that is just the biggest reward."