Farmers protest over milk price cuts

Last updated at 15:59
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Hundreds of farmers spent the night protesting at milk factories - blocking the gates and stopping lorries from carrying out their deliveries.

They blocked access to processing plants in Leicester, Leeds and Somerset to complain about a cut to the price they're paid for milk.

The Co-op supermarket said on Friday that it will raise the price it pays, in response to the protests.

In the dairy industry, processors set the price they pay farmers for milk.

Processors are like big factories, where cream is skimmed off milk to lower the fat content, so it's ready for drinking.

Farmers say the price cuts are making it hard for them to earn a living but processors say the price is set by the market.

The Co-op said it wanted to recognise the importance of "ensuring sustainable future" for British dairy farmers.

The National Farmers' Union described the Co-op's move as a "positive step".