More cycling accidents on the roads

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There's been a rise in the number of cycling accidents on our roads.

A big report by MPs says the government needs to do more to keep young cyclists safe.

More people are using their bikes to get to school or work but experts are worried not everyone gets the proper training to be safe on the road.

Hundreds of cyclists rode through London on 17 July to ask the government to do more to protect them on the roads.

Cycling safety tips

Here's some advice from the government to help keep you safe...


Wear a cycling helmet to protect your head if you fall off.

Look around you before you take off, turn or stop - always take note of other people using the road.

Try and use cycle paths and go on quieter roads if possible.

Obey traffic signs like red lights - they are for cyclists too.

Use arm signals before you turn so other people know what you're doing.


Wear headphones to listen to music - you need to be able to hear what's going on around you.

Ride on the pavement unless there is a sign saying you can.

Cycle next to another person on a narrow road.


Watch out for car doors opening suddenly when passing parked cars.

Make sure your bike is in good working order, ask someone to check the brakes and tyres.

Wear reflective clothes or if you're cycling at night make sure you have lights - a white one for the front and a red one for the back - it's important that people can see you.

Always check to see if it's safe, don't just follow someone in front without looking yourself.