Have your parents ever embarrassed you?

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Watch the Obamas get caught on camera!

Do your parents embarrass you in public? Well watch this clip and see what American President Obama and his wife did!

They were at a basketball match in the US, and during a break in play, their daughter realised the camera was on them.

It's called 'kiss cam'. The camera zooms in on couples watching the game to show them kissing - and the president and his wife did just that!

Your comments

"I wouldn't be embarrassed if my parents kissed in public."

Emily, Waterford, Ireland

"My mum is embarrassing because when we go to the cinema she sings along with the songs she knows."

Alanna, Oxfordshire, England

"In my first year at school my dad came into the classroom and started playing with the play kitchen - I was so embarrassed that I went to the toilet."

Martha, Northampton, England

"When my friends came round for a barbecue my mum showed them my really embarrassing baby pictures"

Sam, Oxford, England

"My mum was a chaperone at my leaving disco, but as if that wasn't bad enough she then started dancing and singing to One Direction!"

Alison, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"My dad went to a fancy dress party dressed as a massive pineapple, but he couldn't fit through the door so he had to wear a dressing gown to the party!"

Rachel, Brighton, England

"If I see a friend on the street, my dad shouts out "yoo-hoo"! It's so embarrassing!"

Daniel, Northern Ireland

"I thought that was really cute, but if it was my parents I would be really embarrassed!"

Emer, Belfast, Ireland

"If we go out and I see my friends, my parents hold hands and kiss each other. I get really embarrassed but they find it funny!"

Annabel, Gloucestershire, England

"My parents embarrass me when they wear the same patterned or branded clothing!"

Annabel, Fareham, England

"My mum's dancing at my birthday party was so embarrassing!"

Joanna, London, England

"Every time I go shopping with my parents, my dad always starts to sing Indian songs in public and I always start to blush when people start to stare."

Anam, London, England

"My mum is always embarrassing me by shouting my name in town, at home and even in the street."

Lee, Liverpool, England

"My parents never embarrass me."

Alice, England

"Yep! My mum and me went clothes shopping, and my mum held up a pair of pink shorts for me to try on. I realised everyone was staring at me, because my mum had plucked them out of another person's trolley by mistake! I was so embarrassed!!!

Milly , Bath, England

"When my mum, dad and my best friend Megan went to Cornwall, mum was embarrassing and asked me whether I wanted to go to the toilet, in front of her! Then when we got out of the car and she hugged and kissed me - really embarrassing!"

Lauren, Glasgow, Scotland

"I don't remember my family doing anything but my teacher, who is also a family friend, always wears really weird things like orange tights or a furry green top. I went to see the Queen with her... luckily she wasn't wearing anything really weird! But she's a very nice and funny person."

Becca, Worcester, England

"I was on holiday with my mum, dad, gran, grandpa and my aunty. I was called on stage to do a game and they asked me were I was from and my mum yelled GLASGOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Leah, Glasgow, Scotland