Nasa launches Mars landing game for Xbox Kinect

Last updated at 15:08
Artist's impression of Mars Curiosity roverREUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech

US space agency Nasa's Mars Science Laboratory has launched a free XBox game to land a space rover on Mars - catchily called Mars Rover Landing.

Nasa say users can "take control of their own spacecraft using Kinect and face the extreme challenges of landing a rover on Mars."

Microsoft and Nasa say they also plan to launch a "Be A Martian" mobile app for Android devices and iPhones.

The real rover, Curiosity, is due to land on Mars on 6 August.

screenshot of mars rover Xbox gameNASA/JPL-CALTECH
The XBox game is one of several new developments between Microsoft and Nasa

Their aim is to help people learn more about whether Mars was ever a habitat, meaning a place that supports life.

Nasa say they have other collaborations in the pipeline including free software called Kodu, which allows kids to learn how to program their own computer games.