Chat: What are you doing for the Olympics opening ceremony?

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Boy with Union Jack face

This month the greatest show on Earth is coming to Britain - no, not the Justin Bieber tour, but the Olympic Games!

Billions around the world will tune in for the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium on Friday 27 July.

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle is in charge. He's giving the show a countryside theme!

Across the country, loads of people will be celebrating the start of the biggest sporting event in UK history.

Model of Olympic opening ceremonyPA
The opening ceremony will have real sheep and cows!

On 27 July, CBBC will be live from Middlesbrough for the Olympic Games Challenge.

Kids there are planning and organising a massive event for their town - their preparations will be shown on CBBC in the week leading up to it.

What are YOU doing for the opening ceremony?

Click here to see if your party plans made it onto the CBBC Olympic map!

Perhaps you're throwing an Olympic party with your mates or at your school? You could go red, white and blue, or all be different countries!

Are you dressing up as your fave sporting heroes? It's your chance to be Usain Bolt or Jessica Ennis!

Maybe try your hand at cooking some Olympic-themed food? Javelin chips, anyone?

Whatever you're up to, we want to know...

Your comments

"I'm going round my nanny and grandad's house for a fish and chip takeaway whilst watching the ceremony in HD!!"

Hollie, Surrey, England

"I'm gonna have a big party with my family and I will do a mini torch relay down my street and support GB."

Olivia, Lincolnshire, England

"I'm going to be watching the Olympic Ceremony on TV tonight and waving my flag madly, then tomorrow I'm going to be sticking the best photos in my Olympic scrapbook!"

Kitty, Dorset, England

"I have some mates coming over to watch the opening ceremony and they are sleeping over and we're making doughnuts like the Olympic rings."

Mel, Sheffield, England

"To celebrate the Olympics I'm building a Lego Olympic Stadium."

Daniel, Staffordshire, England

"I'm going to see the Red Arrows fly across Belfast."

Martha, Bangor, Northern Ireland

"I am doing an Olympic party with all my friends and you have to wear blue, black, red, yellow and green clothes - the Olympic colours."

Connie, Gwynedd, Wales

"My friends and I are camping in the shape and colours of the Olympic rings and listening to the ceremony on the radio."

Alfa, Andover, England

"I go to Sea Cadets and we will be doing an Olympic boating night which involves events like boxing over boats and 'buoy throw'."

Nancy, Bristol, England

"We are making pizzas with the Olympic rings on them. We'll cut them out of peppers. OLYMPO-MANIA RULES!"

Jonathan, Penrith, England

"I will be making a cake with the Olympic rings and flag on."

Ione, Cheltenham, England

"It's my birthday on the 27th, so we are going to London to stay on Thursday, then I'm having a massive party with my mates and having a costume contest!!"

Inayah, Bedford, England

"My mum, my friend Ella, her mum and I are having a party and staying up late to watch the opening ceremony. We are going to make cupcakes that look like the torch!"

Oscar, London, England

"I am going to build a Lego Union Jack for the opening ceremony."

Shaun, Norfolk, England

"I'm going make a cake in the shape of the Olympic stadium, it's going to be chocolate - yummy!"

Georgia, Twickenham, England

"I will be doing some early packing to go see my sister swim in the Paralympic Games whilst watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics!"

Evie, Seaforde, Northern Ireland

"My friends and I are going to watch Chariots of Fire before in our onesies, then get Scottish flags drawn on our arms and walk up and down the street waving them."

Rebecca, Glasgow, Scotland

"I am going to design Olympic themed posters."

Megan, Stoke, England

"My family and I are going to Lincoln to have a massive opening ceremony party where we're all dressing up in different Olympic sporting outfits - I'm going as a gymnast!"

Mary, East Yorkshire, England

"In the morning I'm hosting a cake sale and my whole family and I are making 150 cupcakes with mini flags on the top! In the afternoon I'm dressing up with my friends and I'm putting on six GB T-shirts so I'll look really funny!"

Ellis, Herefordshire, England

"To watch the Olympic ceremony we are travelling to Norway and we're climbing a mountain to watch the ceremony in a log cabin."

Freya and Jack, Rutland, England

"For the Olympics I am going to have a massive water fight to celebrate British swimming."

Nazanin, London, England

"Me and seven other pupils at my school are going to be Guard of Honour. We are leading the athletes into the Olympic Stadium ahead of the opening ceremony."

Bradley, Newcastle, England

"I'll be at home with family eating nibbles and looking forward to watching basketball at the Olympic Park - I'm so excited I think I might pop."

Natalie and Jamie, Berkshire, England

"My family are having a big party where everybody will dress up as a country in the Olympics, and we are going to have a mini Olympics with an egg and spoon race and a sack race!"

Elise, Northampton, England

"I will be playing the new Olympic game on my Wii, dressing up as Usain Bolt and having races with people on my street."

Affan, Luton, England

"I am going to paint my face in all the countries flags and watch it on TV."

Connie, Wrexham, Wales

"I will stay at home and eat my 'Olympic-nic' with Olympic ring doughnuts for pudding."

Nicolas, Leeds, England

"Me and my friends are going to go out into the street one hour before the opening ceremony to set off 5 balloons each representing an Olympic ring, then we'll lie on the couch in our PJ's and watch the magic begin!"

Abby, Wigan, England

"I will be using my Olympic scrapbook. Every day while the Olympics are going on you stick in pictures to keep from the newspaper. It will be a great memory."

Geraldine, Sussex, England

"I will be in a rowing boat alongside the Olympic torch as it goes down the Thames."

Robbie, London, England

"I'm going to my mum's wedding and the theme is going to be Great Britain."

Caitlin, Winchester, England

"I'm going to make union jack cupcakes and only dress in red, white and blue!"

Olivia, East Sussex, England

"On Friday I'm having an Olympic party at my house and my friends are coming to celebrate with me. The problem is that I have a cricket match at the same time - I wish cricket was an Olympic Sport."

Tom, Leicestershire, England

"I will be trying my hardest to swim a lot faster than usual, just like one of the Olympic swimmers, to help my family get into the Olympic mood."

Kelly, Manchester, England

"I'll be celebrating my 10th birthday as well as the Olympics on Friday, come on Team GB!"

James, Wirral, England

"I will play football like never before and have a Union Jack flag painted on my football."

Nicolas, Leeds, England

"Me and my family and friends are having a party and my friends and I are doing a little show about the Olympics."

Jasmine-Tessa, Greenock, Scotland

"I will be taking part in the Medway Mile and we will be watching the opening ceremony on a huge screen at Rochester Castle."

Luis, Rochester, England

"My Mum is an awesome cook and is doing an Olympic lunch. She has some food paint which she is going to use to paint the potatoes red, white and blue!"

Onna, Oswestry, England

"I know it's not very sporty but I am going to make doughnuts - and then place them on top of each other so they look like the Olympic rings."

Aimee, Dundee, Scotland

"I am going to an Olympic themed bbq at my cousins house. We are all dressing up in outfits to represent an Olympic sport - my grandma is representing beach volleyball!"

Scarlett, London, England

"Me and my friend are going to have a competition to see who can bake the best Olympic muffins."

Lilly, London, England

"I am going to paint my nails like the union Jack and decorate my room with the Olympic rings."

Shania, Edinburgh, Scotland

"We are having face painting and freezing our pool for ice skating."

Aishia, Hull, England

"I am going to decorate my house in the Olympic colours, and all my friends are coming over to watch the opening ceremony and support team GB!"

Abdullah, Rochdale, England

"I am dressing up as Tom Daley because he is my hero."

Tom, London, England

"I am having a massive Olympic party whilst watching the opening ceremony with my school friends. We're having our own mini Olympics after that."

Ayla, Doncaster, England

"I am going to dress up as Tom Daley!"

Elliot, Bolton, England

"Me and my friend Oliver and his brother are going to their house. We are going to go on their bouncy castle, then we are watching the Olympic opening ceremony."

Calum, Nottinghamshire, England

"For the Olympics I'm getting dressed up as Andy Murray and then sitting down with a bag of popcorn to watch the start of the Olympics."

Greg, Fife, Scotland

"I am taking part in the opening ceremony."

Rebecca, England

"I am inviting my friends over and we will all make an Olympic den and watch the opening ceremony together."

Amy, Derbyshire, England

"I'm going to be having face paint, dressing up as British Olympians and watching the opening ceremony with ice cream."

Chloe, Essex, England

"We are going to watch the opening ceremony on a big screen at our local park."

Charlene & Caitlin, Kirriemuir, Scotland

"It's my birthday on the 27th of July so I'm having a massive celebration for the Olympics and my birthday together. We will all be wearing red, white and blue. Good luck team GB!"

Rhiannon, Guildford, England

"I'm going to Italy so I'm watching it there in Italian. When I get there I will be dressed as Jessica Ennis with a union jack sign behind me."

Alessia, Bedford, England

"I am making an Olympic torch and having a relay around my street, then I am having a party with friends!"

Olivia, Livingston, Scotland

"I am going to play whack hacker with all my family and friends. Also, we're having the biggest party ever with lots and lots of food - yum yum!"

Bokani, London, England

"We are going on a road trip in America for the whole summer, so we'll probably only be catching glances of it, however, we will be putting LOADS of flags up outside our house anyway!"

Lucy, Kenilworth, England

"I am going to be having a party, then I will make adorable fairy cakes with my mummy. It will be great fun - I love helping mummy in the kitchen!"

Bhavik, Bradford, England

"I'm going to have a little party with cakes and music, while watching the Olympics."

Lauren, Essex, England

"For the opening ceremony my family are hanging out Union Jack flags and going Olympic crazy."

Harry, Gloucester, England

"We are having a party with sandwiches, drinks and maybe a cake. If it's sunny we are having a barbecue with my friends and family."

Caitlin, Liverpool, England

"I will be painting the British flag on my face to symbolise how proud I am of being British, as well as making some cupcakes with the flag iced on the top."

Megan, Doncaster, England

"We are going to have a tea party and we are going to have sandwiches, food, drinks, games and cakes. Maybe if it's a nice day we can play in the garden."

Chloe, Liverpool, England

"I'll make the Olympic stadium with something and then I'll make a torch and pretend it's the actual Olympics and have a torch relay."

Vanessa, Gateshead, England

"It's my birthday on 27 July! I'm so excited! I'm not doing anything, just sitting at home and watching the Olympic opening ceremony!!!"

Zia, London, England

"I'm going to dress up as Paula Radcliffe."

Sana, Bradford, England

"My friends and family are gathering around and having a big - and I mean big - party!!! I hope everyone enjoys their school holidays and the Olympics!!!"

Jeni, London, England

"Nothing, just staying at home."

Asmaa, Luton, England

"My family and I are all going to the opening ceremony in Stratford. Also we are going to have a big party!!!"

Khadija, London, England

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