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Courageous cats up for national awards

Fifteen fabulous felines from across the UK have been selected as finalists for a national competition.
Charley raised the alarm when her diabetic owner became ill in the night. Charley woke her owner's husband by licking his face and tapping his hand.
Black and white cat siting on a carpet
The judging panel is made up of celebrity cat lovers. There are five categories: Hero Cat, Most Incredible Story, Best Friends, Outstanding Rescue Cat and Celebrity Cat.
White cat with blue eyes
This plucky puss called Leo scared off a would-be burglar. After spotting an intruder in the hallway, Leo started screeching. The burglar then left empty-handed!
Tabby cat being stroked
Midge is a one-eyed rescue cat who became an unlikely hit in the movie world. A video her owner made of her ended up being shown at the star-studded Cannes Film Festival!
Cat with one eye sits on wall
This cat called Morgan helped his owner battle a serious eating disorder. There were hundreds of nominations from across the UK but 15 feline finalists have been picked.
Woman and her black cat
Phoenix is up for the award of Outstanding Rescue Cat after being found in a coal bunker, burnt and badly injured. The good news is she's now fit and well!
Tabby cat wearing collar with bell
Smokey is a proud world record holder for the loudest purr – 67.7 decibels. That's 14 times louder than the average cat! The winners of the National Cat Awards will be announced in August 2012.
White and grey cat sits on the grass.
This cat called William walked half a mile home after being attacked by a dog and being close to death. She was rushed to the vet and made a full recovery.
Woman cuddles black and white cat
The charity Cats Protection have announced the finalists for the National Cat Awards. Here are some of the fabulous felines up for the prizes.
White cat with black spots