Could quidditch ever be an Olympic sport?

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Could quidditch be an Olympic sport?

A group of quidditch fans are on a mission to get the sport into the Olympics!!

Five teams of quidditch players from across the world met for the first major international tournament, and held a match as the Olympic torch passed through Oxford.

The sport was adapted by American students in 2005 from the game in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books.

And despite carrying broomsticks you play it on the ground not in the air!

The sport now has 700 teams spread across 25 countries.

Alex Benepe is one of the founders and set up the International Quidditch Association in 2007. He said he wanted to show people it's "an exciting sport."

Despite the campaign, it'll take more than Harry Potter's magic wand to make it an Olympic event anytime soon!