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Hundreds of thousands of unsold tickets for the some biggest events at the Olympics have been offered to sponsors rather than being sold to the public, according to a newspaper report.

Sponsors are the big businesses like Coca-Cola and McDonald's which pay millions of pounds towards the Games.

The tickets had been on sale in other countries. The Daily Telegraph claims that the ones that weren't bought have now been offered to sponsors and people who work on the Olympics instead of members of the public.

Tickets for opening ceremony, swimming finals and gymnastics are some of the events that were available.

Sponsors have paid around £1.4 billion to the Games and organisers say it could not go ahead without their money.

Do you think it's fair to offer sponsors the unsold tickets?

Who do you think should get first dibs on the ones still available?

This comments page is now closed but here's what some of you thought.

Your comments

"I think it is fair that the sponsors were given tickets because without them the London Olympics wouldn't be as good. However, I think the majority of tickets should be sold to the public and a small number to the sponsoring companies."

Sasha, Swansea, Wales

"I think unsold tickets should go to soldiers who have come back from places like Iran as they deserve it the most not companies."

Leah, Southampton, England

"I think I should have one because I have tried millions of times."

Bob, Shropshire, England

"I think that they should give the tickets to schools and they should put them in a prize draw for all the students that have had 100% attendance all term."

Courtney, High Wycombe, England

"I think that they should donate some to orphans and homeless children who would love to go because they would never be able to afford them!"

Penelope, Blackburn, England

"I think people who give their lives to sport should get ticket and half price."

Lara, Ireland

"I think that depending on how much the sponsors have paid is whether or not they should get the tickets."

Joe, High Wycombe, England

"I think that the extra tickets should go to the first people who applied for them and didn't get them when they tried."

Isobel, London, England

"I think it should be based on how interested you are in sports. Too many people who are not that interested in sport have got lots of tickets whilst some of the country's biggest sport fans might not have a single ticket."

Joe, Richmond, England

"I think each school should get at least 100 tickets because some students can't afford it so it would make them have a happy life."

Jeni, London, England

"I think the builders should get the tickets as they have worked really hard to get the Olympic park spot on."

Oliver, London, England

"I think that unsold Olympic tickets should either go to the athlete's families or to schools."

Milad, London, England

"I think that it is right to give tickets to sponsors as they work hard to earn money and then they give it to the Olympics."

Aks, Richmond, England

"I think they should be sold to the public. Some people have not been able to get hold of tickets or they have not been told the tickets were for sale!"

Sophie, Oxford, England

"It is outrageous that big companies get the tickets! They should go to the people!"

Amie, Leeds, England

"I think the unsold tickets should go to athletics clubs and schools as they deserve them, unlike companies who just use them to make money."

Georgia, Norfolk, England

"I think the Olympic tickets should be given to the Beavers/Brownies/Cubs and the Girl Guides. Other countries have their children involved in major sporting events and I think we should also be given this opportunity."

Alice, Bedfordshire, England

"I think that they should go to the Queen and she should select as many tickets that are left and give them to members of the public that have done something good or have been through hard times."

Angelia, Northamptonshire, England

"I think the builders who built the stadium should get the tickets so they can see what it is like. I also think they should go to the athletes' parents."

Sorcha, Barnsley, England

"We think half of the tickets should go to the public because a lot of people missed out on tickets and the other half should go to the big businesses because they have paid a lot of money towards the Games."

Ellen & Beth, Glasgow, Scotland

"It sounds harsh but I think that it was the company's choice to donate lots of their money, so they should buy their tickets because everyone else has spent their money on tickets."

Jemima, Kent, England

"The people who held the Olympic torch should get them."

Allison, Darlington, England

"Tickets should go to children who participate in Olympic sports outside of school."

Sam, London

"I think that the tickets should go to the people that are in the Olympic Games so their families can watch them."

Jaime, Bishop Auckland, England

"I think the people that payed around £1.4 billion pounds should get the tickets."

Millie, Hartlepool, England

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