Is Andy Murray still a hero to you?

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After a tense and dramatic match, Andy Murray lost to Roger Federer at the Wimbledon men's singles final on Sunday.

The Swiss superstar has equalled the record of seven Wimbledon wins, and has become number one in the world again.

Murray was tearful and heartbroken, crying on centre court after his loss.

It's the closest any British player has come to a Wimbledon title for 74 years.

But is Murray still a hero? We want to know what you think.

Do you need to win to be called a hero? Is it heroic to cry? Maybe you think Federer is the only hero this time. If someone loses, are they still great?

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Your comments

"Andy is still a hero and I know that he will succeed. There is no shame in losing to Roger Federer. He tried really hard but Roger was just better."

Aks, Richmond, England

"I'd say more of an idol. He tried his best which sends out a message to all of us. Be strong, Never give up!"

Emily, Sheffield, England

"I think that as long as he keeps on fighting for that Grand Slam he will hopefully one day receive, he will be a hero."

Morven, Scotland

"He would have been a hero if he won."

Marc, London, England

"Yes- he's always a hero. My dad was sad when he lost and so was I."

Sadie, Scotland

"It doesn't matter that he lost because if you think how many tennis players would have liked to be in the final. So to me he's still a hero."

Gemma, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think that he is still a hero since he came so close. It would've been nice if someone British won after so many years."

Zainab, London, England

"Andy played so well. He has done Britain proud. He still got the final and he deserved to win in my opinion. There's always next year!"

Molly, Manchester, England

"I don't think that Andy is still a hero because I am not a fan of him at all. Even though he tried hard I think that Roger Federer deserved to win."

Manaal, London, England

"I think Andy is a hero even if he lost, he played really well. Also he fell few times and still played which is really brave because he could have got hurt."

Neeraja, London, England

"We have been thinking about what makes somebody a hero. We think Andy is a hero because he kept on trying his best and didn't give up. He was a humble winner!"

Year 4 at Manor School, Oxford, England

"I think Andy Murray is a hero because he tried his best and remember - it's all about making history and he did by getting into the Wimbledon final."

Megan, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

"I think Andy did his best and he might take the experience to the Olympics. Good luck Andy."

Shelley, Ireland

"Yes! Of course Murray is still a hero! To be near the top of your profession is something to be proud of! He may not have won this time but he was the first British man to reach a Wimbledon for 76 years! What isn't heroic about that?!"

Lucy, West Midlands, England

"Andy Murray played his best ever tennis match and he did really well, but I wouldn't say he is a hero - he is a sporting icon."

Ruth, Hertfordshire, England

"Well done Andy. Your homeland salutes its hero. You're a hero to your fans. Chin up, mate. We love you!"

Scot, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think he did a good job, he tried his best. He will always be my hero even if he loses a game. The next game he plays I think he will win!!"

Bea, Kent, England

"You must trust Murray all the time because he is one of the best tennis players in the world."

Edward, London, England

"Andy Murray is still a hero to me, whatever happens."

Bethany, Lincoln, England

"Yes I do think he is a hero still. He tried his best and that's all you can do really. To come that far is amazing, he didn't come first but he did well for his country."

Rebecca, Basingstoke, England

"To be a hero you need to have done something heroic, a game of tennis does not make you a hero!"

Simon, England

"Murray is a hero because he gave it all his might to get to the final and he should be proud of himself."

Zak, Bedworth, England

"Andy will always be a sporting hero to me but it did break my heart when he lost. My mother burst into tears!"

Lotte, England

"Yes, Andy is still a hero. He tried his hardest, and look at how far he got."

Neve, Coventry, England

"No he isn't a hero, all he does is play tennis. People that save peoples lives are heroes."

Amy, England

"He has done really well. It was amazing the way he played. He tried his best. Roger was just awesome. Well done to them both."

Aimee, England

"I got so upset watching him lose! I thought he played great until the last set, and Federer was just too good. I hope Murray wins and that he learns from all his mistakes. Also it was great that the whole of the UK were behind him. Go Murray!"

Imaan, London, England

"I don't think you need to win to be a hero because you can just keep trying."

Natasha, Macclesfield, England

"I think he still is a hero, one tournament shouldn't change the way we think of him."

Emerald, Kent, England

"I think Murray tried his best and I will eat Murray Mints in memory of Wimbledon!"

Rose, Suffolk, England

"I think Andy Murray is still a hero despite losing to Roger Federer. I think he did us Brits proud. His speech was very emotional and you could see he really wanted it. There's always next time!"

Lola, London, England

"I think Andy played really well and that Federer didn't deserve to win, but he still did well. We still have hope for next year though."

Amelia, England