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Amazing pictures of the power of the environment

These amazing pictures about "power" are some of the entrants from the 2012 Prix Pictet photography competition.
This photograph taken from about a kilometre in the air. It shows smoke from a pool of burning oil. It has been set on fire to try and get rid of it after the oil spill disaster in 2010.
Smoke plume from burning oil during the spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010
This is another photo by Mr De Keyzer, it shows pictures of flood defences in England. His photos ask questions about how prepared we are for the risk of future flooding.
The English coast flood defence
This photo is from a series called "Turning Back" which shows what is left of ancient woods in Oregon in America after many of the trees were destroyed. This machine is used to cut down the trees.
Machinery used to clear trees away
American photographer Robert Adams' images show the land after trees were cut down in Oregon in the 1990s. They show the changing American landscape.
Image of deforestation in Oregon, USA, taken in 1999
This picture by Spanish photographer Daniel Beltra shows oil in the ocean after it was accidentally spilt in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. It caused a huge environmental disaster and many seabirds died after being covered by the oil.
Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010
Three months after the tsunami hit, Mr Chancel travelled to the outskirts of Miyako in Japan. He said what he saw there was "beyond imagination". This ship was stranded after the tsunami. As part of his work, Mr Chancel used GPS data to show his journey from satellite photos.
After the tsunami to hit Japan, a ship lies stranded
The damage left after the devastating tsunami which hit Japan in 2011 is the theme of the work by Philippe Chancel from France. This shows hundreds of cars which were destroyed in the Tsunami in Japan. The picture on the left is the satellite photo of where this was taken.
Destroyed cars after the tsunami in Japan
Belgian photographer Carl De Keyzer's series "Moments Before the Flood" looks at how Europe's coastal areas are coping with the threat that sea levels may rise before the end of the century. This image of a boat in a field was taken in Italy in 2010.
Image from "Moments Before the Flood" photograph series, showing a boat behind a wall in Italy