Children from Syria speak to Nel about living in Homs

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Hear from children living in Homs - some of this may be upsetting

For the last 18 months Syria has been plunged into violence as people and activists protest against the government led by Bashar Al-Assad.

Nel has been speaking to children who live in the city of Homs in Syria about the violence there.

The country is now said to be in a civil war - that's when different groups from the same country fight each other.

One child said: "We live in constant fear of a bomb dropping on us."

There is supposed to be a truce (an agreement to stop fighting), but the children say the violence hasn't stopped.

They said: "There is a daily death toll of five or six people. Even kids that are playing in the street, and all of that it too satisfy the greed of Bashar."

Bashar Al-Assad, Syria's president, is accused of torturing Syrian people and is under huge pressure from other countries to end the trouble.

Mr Assad recently said he had a responsibility "to protect all of our residents" and that he didn't want other countries to help him.

Some Syrian people support him, but others are so strongly against him they have joined in the fighting.