Which famous people would inspire you to get a top job?

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See what these kids think about top professionals visiting their school

How would you like famous or successful people to visit your school to help you choose your dream job?

If the Deputy Prime Minister gets his way, that's what could happen in the future with a scheme called Inspiring The Future.

Nick Clegg wants top professionals like doctors, business people and engineers to visit state schools to give pupils job ideas.

It already happens in some private schools.

We asked you what you think.

Your comments

"I want Steve Backshall to come to my school because I want to become a domesticated veterinarian then a zoological veterinarian."

Charlie, Cornwall, England

"I would like Gordon Ramsay to come to my school because I would like to be a chef when I'm older."

Ben, Devon, England

"I would love Lewis Hamilton to come to my school because I think he is great and I love to watch him race."

Liam, London, England

"I think we should get someone like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar or even Nick from The Apprentice because they are all successful businessmen and have done well."

Scott, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I would love Mario Balotelli to visit my school because he is my favourite footballer and I want to be a pro footballer like him."

Henry, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

"I would choose Richard Branson, he is awesome."

Ethan, Leicester, England

"I think this is a fantastic idea! Kids like us deserve to be taught about all the other opportunities that there are in the world and the fact we have to learn hard and learn to grab it with both hands, we should not have to have these stereotypical ideas of what a jobs there are."

Zara, Henley, England

"I have many people who inspire me. Doctors are my main ones as they are people who help save lives."

Harris, Bradford, England

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