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Storms and floods cause chaos in parts of the UK

Flooding isn't what you'd expect to happen in June, but with huge storms in parts of the UK, it's been far from sunny for many people.
A clean-up operation is under way in the homes affected, with people using buckets and brooms to clear their gardens and pathways of water. These people are in South Tyneside.
People empty buckets of water from their gardens in South Tyneside
In Newcastle, this Metro line got covered by water and the trainline between England and Scotland closed twice because of the bad weather.
Flooded Metro line in Tyne and Wear.
And nearby flood waters made this skate park look more like a swimming pool!
Flooded skate park
This isn't what you'd expect to see when you walk out of your door in June. Flooding in parts of the UK have caused schools to close and disruptions on roads and trainlines. This is Lisburn in Northern Ireland.
This boy is looking out at a flooded road in Lisburn in Northern Ireland.
Lots of schools had to shut, but these students in Whitley Bay in North Tyneside braved the weather and headed out. It's thought this may end up being the wettest June on record.
Children walk to school in rain and floodwater in North Tyneside.
Drivers had a tough time getting through the roads too with journeys taking hours longer than they normally would. But in some areas the water was too high to travel safely, as in this picture from Tyne and Wear where cars had to be abandoned.
Cars stranded in floodwater in Tyne and Wear