Freak rain, hail and thunderstorms cause chaos across UK

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Freak storms, hailstones as big as golf balls, and major floods brought villages, towns and cities across the UK to a standstill on Thursday.

Schools were washed out with floodwater, and the famous Tyne Bridge in Newcastle was struck by lightning.

In Shropshire a man died after being swept away in a stream.

Weather experts are saying this could end up being the wettest June on record. But they also say that the most extreme weather is over for now.

Joe asked BBC weather expert Simon King to explain why the weather has been so extreme.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Watch to find out why we're having this crazy weather

We asked if you'd been affected by the floods, and loads of you got in touch - here's a selection of your comments.

Your comments:

"Our school power went off and I was terrified."

George, Newcastle, England

"Today our school had freak weather. You were only out for five seconds and you were drenched."

Sana, Bradford, England

"I had to go to my Aunt's house to stay safe. Later we went outside and found a lot of baseball sized ice balls."

Anne, Newcastle, England

"Our sports day was cancelled because of the rain. We all got to go home at 11:00am!"

Thomas, Buckinghamshire, England

"The storm caused the hall to flood at my school. I was petrified, and so were my guinea pigs."

Emily, Leicestershire, England

"Our school has been flooded, along with my home. It is devastating!"

Charlotte, Birmingham, England

"My school is shut due to flooding; my dad went to help clear up. There was six inches of water."

Claudia, Whitley Bay, England

"We were at school when a huge black cloud covered the sky and blotted out the sun. Suddenly everything went dark like it was the evening, then the thunder, lightning and rain started. It was a terrifying but amazing experience. School is closed today."

Alice, Hexham, England

"I wasn't allowed to go outside all day yesterday because of the rain, it was so boring."

Freddie, Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland

"Our school has been flooded. Ceilings have fallen in, classrooms windows were smashed and water came flooding in through them. All the power around the school went out because of the water. Lightning hit a metal pole outside and set it on fire. Everyone was evacuated and school is closed for repairs today."

Amy, Birmingham, England

"The storm yesterday caused our Youth club to close."

Ellie, Hartlepool, England

"I went to see the Olympic Torch Relay on Thursday and three trees were stuck down from the lightning and car windows were broken from the hail stones. They were the size of a marble."

Lucy, Lincolnshire, England

"My school got flooded and the roof collapsed. There's NO SCHOOL TODAY!"

Oly, Leicestershire, England

"My garden was flooded so much that we couldn't go outside."

Daisy, Newcastle, England

"My school went on a school trip. First there were light showers but then there was thunderstorm and lightning and we were soaking wet."

Vinesh, Warwickshire, England

"The rain was just over a foot deep outside my house and there was thunder and lightning all night! My power went off as well!"

Alice, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"My house got struck by lightning. It caused the internet to stop working and made my dad jump."

Macey, Staffordshire, England

"Our sports day was cancelled yesterday and postponed to today, but the field is like a swimming pool so sports day is cancelled altogether."

Maisie, West Midlands, England

"We were out playing in our school when lightning and floods suddenly hit us. We were rushed inside and we had to stay at school for another 35 minutes!"

Daisy, Lancashire, England

"The floods haven't affected me but watching it on the news it makes me feel like I have to help someone! Instead of rain and hail its been 27 28 and 29 degrees."

Tia, Middlesex, England

"All my streets are flooded and all the drain pipes burst. A massive fire engine came to clear all the water."

Jess, County Durham, England

"When my mum went to go shopping she got turned away. They asked for a French baguette but the lady said they were too soggy."

Alisha, Leicestershire, England

"The rain will help our islands hydro main power supply. We had a thunder storm which my sister was terrified of, and the lightning was quite terrifying."

Erin, Isle of Eigg, Scotland

"My mum left the window open and my hamster got drenched."

Caitlyn, Gateshead, England

"It was cool & awesome seeing the thunder and lightning."

Rachel, West Midlands, England

"Our school has been flooded along with my home! It is devastating when it happens to you and you don't realise how bad it is until it has happened!"

Charlotte, Birmingham, England

"I was on the Tyne Bridge when it got struck by lightning. I was terrified."

Sam, Newcastle, England

"The area were I live got flooded and at about 9:20pm our whole power went off. It was still off when i went to school."

Joshua, County Durham, England