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World-famous British phone boxes transformed by artists

Over 80 leading artists have made their own versions of the world-famous red phone box to celebrate 25 years of children's charity Childline.
Why not sit down and make a call? This is the Box Lounger by Benjamin Shine who flipped the phone box on its side and put an old-style British leather sofa. Its part of the BT ArtBox exhibition.
Box Lounger, by Benjamin Bright
Good luck trying to step into this one! It's called Slip by Gerry Judah and remind us here at Newsround of cheese spread.
Slip by Gerry Judah
If you want to give someone a bling ring, this is the box for you! Its covered in Swarovski crystals and was designed by Sir Peter Blake, who is famous for his work on the Beatles album covers.
Union Jack 2012 phone box design by Sir Peter Blake
The launch of BT Artbox at Trafalgar Square in London. Don't worry that's a giant plastic pigeon - its not real! The phone boxes have gone on display at various locations around London.
The launch of Artbox at Trafalgar Square in London.
Ex children's TV presenter Timmy Mallet is clearly very excited and proud about his design featuring Kate Middleton on the phone. Every side has a different member of the Royal family chatting to another caller. He's called it Ring-a Royal-Phonebox.
Ring-a Royal-Phonebox design by Timmy Mallet.
These artist have crammed an entire circus into their version of the world-famous phone box. They say its because they always wanted to join the circus when they were children and they think clowns are great.
Lydia di Pedro and Fee Fee La Fou's The Smile of a Tear
This phone box celebrates the number of different languages spoken in London because of people who have come from different countries and made the city their home. See how many can spot!
Welcome to London, London and Partners
Not something you see every day - a giraffe in a phone box. At least its not an elephant. That would make it a trunk call - get it?
Long Distance by Benjamin Shine