Biggest fossil find of ancient 'mega wombat' diprotodon

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Diprotodon model at the Australian Museum, SydneyAFP/getty images

The biggest fossil find of an ancient "mega wombat" has been unearthed in Australia.

Up to 50 skeletons of the diprotodon, the largest marsupial that ever lived, were found in a remote desert.

Scientist Scott Hocknull described the creature as "a cross between a wombat and a bear but the size of a rhinoceros".

It's hoped the discovery will help researchers work out how they became extinct.

Two theories include human hunting and climate change.

The diprotodon roamed the Earth between about 1.6 million and 50,000 years ago.

It had a backward-facing pouch that would have been big enough to carry a human.

Among the fossils was a huge specimen called Kenny, who had a massive jawbone 70 centimetres long!