Fight for new website domain addresses

Last updated at 16:06
New Google domain name screenshot

Website addresses that end with ".com" or "" could soon become a thing of the past.

Details have been revealed of the 1,930 requests for new top-level domain names - that's the word after the dot.

The expansion is being run by the organisation Icann and gives companies the chance to run a domain in their own name.

A popular one is ".music" - with eight different parties fighting to run it, including Google and Amazon.

Google has asked for a total of 101 names, including ".google", ".boo" and ".dad"!

That means the internet giant could have a website called, or even!


Other requests include ".kids", ".school" and ".game".

The BBC has asked for ".bbc" and there have also been bids for ".scot" and ".wales".

It comes at a cost though - there was a £118,000 registration fee!

But some haven't bothered - Coca-Cola, Facebook and Twitter didn't apply, for example.

The first batch of new domain names will go live some time after March next year.