Hosepipe ban ended by three water companies

Last updated at 06:17
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Watch Hayley's report explaining about hosepipe bans

Hosepipe bans are being lifted by three of the UK's big water companies.

In early April seven firms stopped allowing people to do things like water garden plants and wash their cars with a hose.

Two unusually dry winters had led to low water levels but since then we've had loads of heavy rain, including the wettest April ever on record!

So Anglian Water, Southern Water and Thames Water have announced their hosepipe bans will end on Thursday.

A spokesman for Thames Water, the UK's largest water company, said: "We have had two-and-a-half times the average rainfall for April, we have had steady showers in May and then monsoon downpours in June.

"That's changed things."

Heavy rain this week has led to flood warnings and flood alerts across England.

But the Environment Agency has warned that plants and wildlife in some wetlands and rivers have not yet fully recovered, and are still at risk if there's a hot dry summer.