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Joe's Powering Britain series - behind the scenes

Joe, cameraman Marty and producer Jack travelled over a thousand miles filming for Newsround’s ‘Powering Britain’ series. All this week Joe will be looking at the future of energy production in the country. Check out these behind the scenes pics!
Joe and cameraman Marty make best use of the sunset to grab some shots of the Didcot Power Station's famous towers in Oxfordshire.
Joe and cameraman Marty film the Didcot Power Station towers in Oxfordshire.
Joe gets very excited about Marty’s steadicam! He uses the special camera to film really smoothly and you can see the results in Joe's report from ‘Britain’s greenest home’ near Birmingham.
Joe gets very excited about Marty’s camera!
School kids invade our filming! These pupils dropped by on a school trip to the ‘eco home’ and ended up being our on-site experts! Also in the pic is their teacher and the owner of the home.
Joe in front of the 'eco home' with school kids, their teacher and the home's owner.
Professor Rod Scott amazes Joe with his algae farm in Gloucestershire. He’s growing the plants in these tubes which he then turns into fuel.
Professor Rod Scott shows Joe the tubes in which he grows plants that he then turns into fuel.
Producer Jack talks Joe and the professor through the plan for filming: "Can we have lots of cool green algae tubes please?"
Joe and Newsround producer Jack talk to Professor Rod Scott about what they're going to film.
This mountain of mucky coal powers thousands of homes. But new rules to protect the environment mean it’s closing down soon after more than 40 years.
Joe in front of a coal mountain at Didcot Power Station.
Joe visits the world's largest wind turbine farm off the coast of Kent. Here he is talking to expert Jo talk about the project, while our other cameraman Ian gets some shots!
Joe on a boat talking to an expert about wind farms
And finally, after days of pestering Marty the cameraman lets Joe have a go on his cool camera contraption. Joe thinks he looks like a mixture between a robot and a camera – maybe he should be called Robocam Man!? Check out Joe's series about the future of energy production in the UK - 'Powering Britain' - all this week!
Marty the cameraman lets Joe have a go on his cool camera.