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Check out these weird and unusual fruits

A new fruit has hit the supermarket shelves called the papple - a type of pear that looks a lot more like an apple. Check out some more pics of other unusual fruits from around the world.
The Durian is a fruit found in south-east Asia, nicknamed the "king of fruit", and is well known for its strong smell, which is loved by some and hated by others. In the Newsround office we think they smell like onions!
Here is an Australian finger lime or "citrus caviar". The lime flavoured fruit is popular in America and Australia.
Australian finger limes
What do you think these are? Apples perhaps? Well they're actually a new type of pear that has hit the supermarket shelves. They're known as papples as they look a lot more like apples than pears!
These are miracle berries, originally from Ghana in the west of Africa. The berries are great at making sour or bland food taste better because they have a special substance in them that tricks your tastebuds into thinking you've eaten something a lot sweeter than you have.
Miracle berries
This weird looking fruit is known as a Buddha's hand and comes from Asia. It's used in China in marmalades and to flavour dishes, as well as a medicine for sore throats.
A fruit called Buddha's hand
Pluots are a combination of plums and apricots. There are other combinations of the two fruits that have been created, each a little different from the other, such as plumcots and apriums.