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Hayley and Leah

Hayley and Leah have been live in London keeping you up to date on all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

They blogged throughout the action with the latest news and pictures.

On Sunday they got wet watching the Pageant. On Monday they saw the concert coming together.

And on Tuesday, they saw the Royal Family attending a service at St. Paul's Cathedral, followed by a carriage procession and flypast at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh had to miss Monday and Tuesday's celebrations because he was taken to hospital with an infection. He's expected to stay there for a few days as a "precautionary measure", say staff at Buckingham Palace.



Hayley and Leah - Well that's it from us in London. We got to see the carriage procession, the Queen on the balcony and the flypast, live on air on CBBC! We've had a great time here in London telling you about the Jubilee. What an amazing couple of days! Time to relax now and we'll see you soon.


Hayley- The Queen arrives in a procession of horse drawn carriages...

Queen arriving at Buckingham Palace


Hayley - The cannons are firing and the guards are playing the march. It's getting exciting... the Queen is about to arrive any minute!


Hayley - The crowds are waiting for the queen to arrive at Buckingham palace...

Crowds at Buckingham Palace


Hayley - Guards on horses have just entered the palace...

Guards enter Buckingham Palace

Hayley - Just made my way over to Leah at Buckingham Palace to get ready for this afternoons bulletins...

Hayley and Leah at Buckingham Palace


Leah - Everyone singing the national anthem in St. James' Park...

Crowds in St James' Park


Leah - I've walked over to St James' Park by Buckingham Palace. Crowds are gathering and this lady is definitely still in the spirit. I'm loving the dress...

Lady in St James' Park


Hayley - The Queen gives us a wave as she makes her way into the Cathedral...

Queen waving on steps of cathedral


Hayley - The Queen has just arrived to brass trumpets and crowds shouting 'God Save the Queen'...

Queen arriving at St. Paul's Cathedral in car


Leah - Lovely royal horses at Buckingham Palace...

Horses outside Buckingham Palace


Hayley - The Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral greets William and Kate and they're now walking inside...

William and Kate walking in cathedral


Hayley - They greet William and Kate as they arrive after them...

William and Kate arriveat cathedral

Hayley - Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive...

Prince Charles, Harry and Duchess of Cornwall arrive

Leah - The Queen has just left Buckingham Palace just as I was reporting!

Queen leaves Buckingham Palace


Hayley - The bells are ringing and the trumpeters are ready for the Queen's arrival at St Paul's Cathedral...

Hayley outside St. Paul's Cathedral

Hayley - Prince Edward and his family have arrived...

Prince Edward arrives

Hayley - Princesses Beatrice and Eugene arrive in blue and violet suits...

Princesses Beatrice and Eugene arriving


Hayley - The Prime Minister David Cameron arrives in his car to St. Paul's Cathedral...

David Cameron arriving in car

Hayley - Zara Phillips has just arrived at St Paul's Cathedral...

Zara Phillips arriving at cathedral

Leah - The excitement is building! We're waiting to see the Queen leave Buckingham Palace for St. Paul's Cathedral...

Buckingham Palace


Leah - Princess Beatrice has just left Buckingham Palace!


Hayley - Hundreds of people are here to spot the Queen and the other royals at the Diamond Jubilee service...

Crowds lining street

Hayley - Police in shiny hats and royal guards line the steps of St.Paul's Cathedral...

Police outside St. Paul's Cathedral


Leah - The Duchess of Cambridge has just left Buckingham Palace on route to St Paul's Cathedral!

Hayley - Thanks to Lizzy and Ellen who spoke to us on our live bulletin. They've been waiting for the Queen since 7 this morning! Dedication girls!

Hayley with Lizzy and Ellen


Leah - Posh cars arriving at Buckingham Palace. Could this be the Queen's transport to St Paul's Cathedral?

Car entering Buckingham Palace


Leah - Today's Newsround bulletin was live again outside Buckingham Palace - and it's rather chilly!

Leah reporting outside of Buckingham Palace


Hayley - Got to St. Paul's Cathedral early doors today and the crowds are already building to say hi to the Queen!

Crowds outside St Paul's Cathedral



I'm signing off for today Newsrounders but make sure you're watching tomorrow. Hayley will be live at St. Paul's Cathedral where they'll be a service of Thanksgiving, followed by a carriage procession where all the members of the Royal Family will be celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I'll be live at Buckingham Palace bringing you the latest. I'm off to watch the concert now, hope you enjoy it!


The royals are arriving! I just saw the Duchess of Cambridge in a rather posh car!


We've heard reports that the Duke of Edinburgh has been taken to hospital with an infection. He needs to be kept "under observation for a few days", says a Buckingham Palace spokesperson. He is said to be very disappointed that he will miss tonight's concert. Prince Philip, who is 90, is staying at the King Edward VII Hospital in London.


Preparing my scripts for my first bulletin at 5.58pm on the CBBC channel...

Leah with Newsround scripts


Feeding all our material back to Newsround HQ. I want to push the buttons!

Inside Satellite Truck


All this reporting has left me hungry so I'm going to tuck into this jumbo hot dog! Mmm....

Leah holding hot dog


Grey clouds are gathering above but that won't dampen the party vibes. I've got my special mac ready...

Leah standing on the mall


Stay tuned to Newsround to find out all about my new friend Dolly the union jack dog!


Crowds are already gathering for the Jubilee concert...

Crowds outside Buckingham Palace


Sir Paul McCartney singing Let it Be on stage for his rehearsal set!


Getting ready for filming at the concert outside of Buckingham Palace...

Leah outside Buckingham Palace


Watching Sir Paul McCartney rehearsing!

Stage at Buckingham Palace with man playing guitar


Just spotted Strictly star Jason Donovan on the tube going to Buckingham Palace. Got a feeling this is going to be a star-studded day!


I'm heading to Buckingham Palace in my best dress!



That's me finished for today but keep on watching Newsround to see the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family sailing down the River Thames in the royal barge. Leah will be back on Monday with all the latest jubilee action at Buckingham Palace!


Here's the last of the boats heading to Battersea for the start of the pageant...

Hayley by the River Thames


The boat race is about to begin! I can hear the drums and the excitement is building!

Boats in River Thames

12 year old Lewis who I caught up with earlier on, is on the dragon boat and getting ready to go. Go Lewis!

Lewis on dragon boat in Thames


These are the dragon boats decorating the River Thames today...

Dragon Boat


The boats are about to launch!

Hayley next to boat launch


The mayor of London, Boris Johnson has just arrived at the pageant!

Boris Johnson arriving at the pageant


The boats are all gathering in Putney now! Long boats, dragon boats, you name it, we got it!

Boats in River Thames


In our first live bulletin of the day I talked to Lewis who's getting ready to sail down the River Thames in a dragon boat!

Hayley talking to Lewis on Newsround


Morning all and welcome to the start of the Queen's Jubilee! I'm in Putney by the River Thames literally soaking up the drizzly excitement!

Boats in River Thames