Amazing injection without needles

Last updated at 12:20
A picture of the needleless injectionMIT BioInstrumentation Lab

A new type of injection has been created in America that doesn't use any needles!

Injections can be a nightmare if you're scared of needles, but a device made by top American university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), could put a stop to all that.

The jet-injector device works by pushing medicine at a high speed onto the patient so that it gets through the layers of their skin.

What makes it very useful is that it works for lots of different types and amounts of medicine, something that other jet-injectors don't do.

In the past other ways of avoiding needles have been developed, including using skin patches, but these only work for a few types of medicines.

The MIT scientists are now trying to make a version of the device that would work for medications that are in powder form.