What does being British mean?

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Being British: What does it mean?

The Jubilee, the Olympics... If ever there was a summer to celebrate being British - this is it!

But what does being British actually mean?

It's not an easy question to answer, so we set Nel the challenge of having a go.

All this week she'll be travelling the country trying to find some answers.

What do you think being British means?

Are there certain things that make you a British person?

Perhaps it's a tradition you follow, the values you have - or maybe it's a British person in history you identify with.

We asked what you thought. Thanks for all your comments.

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Here's what some of you told us:

"To be British means to respect our country and to respect how British things are done."

Ben, Bristol, England

"I believe being British is showing pride, respect and being proud of living in the UK. It also means showing knowledge and respect for the royal family and drinking lot of tea!"

Bethany, Essex, England

"British is a hard thing to describe... BUT I'M PROUD OF IT!"

Holly, Scotland

"I think that being British means that you are proud of the country you live live in. It does not matter if you you weren't born there or your family aren't from there."

Rahila, Greater London, England

"I think being British means having British citizenship."

Josef, Fareham, England

"Traditional British food like English Breakfast, Sunday Dinner and Fish and Chips. No other country makes this sort of food like Britain."

Beth, Stoke-On-Trent, England

"I think being British means you are proud of being from Britain. I was born in Scotland but I class myself as Scottish and British."

Ceri, Scotland

"Living in Britain, speaking English and having some English culture in your daily life."

Clare, Derby, England

"Being British, in my opinion, cannot be shown on a piece of paper or passport, but just living in Britain no matter where you come from."

Mollie, Newcastle, England

"Being British means having a well-known, respected, Royal Family and having many successful different people now and in the future."

Safa, West Yorkshire, England

"To be honest if someone asked me about my nationality, I'd rather say that I'm Scottish rather than British. Being part of a certain country means that you have a sense of belonging there and are proud of it."

Amy, Paisley, Scotland

"Being British means being respectful."

Kene, Oxford, England

"I'm so proud to be British. I think that we have a lovely country that is free from many worldwide hazards like floods. I think the Queen's Jubilee is going to be awesome!"

Reshma, Leicester, England

"I think that if you live in Britain and you have for a long period of time you should be classed as part of the British Community."

Alice, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I may be half Chinese but my mom's side of the family are British full blooded. On the inside I'm British and proud of it!"

Kaleb, Manchester, England

"Personally, I think being British means you love your country for what it is."

Shauna, Michigan, USA

"Being British means that you are born in either Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales even if your Mum and Dad are from a different country."

Claire, Glasgow, Scotland

"We are British if we have a British passport or we were born there."

Bryanna, Goa, India

"To me being British means having a Royal family because not many other countries have one."

Liam, Middlesbrough, England