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Olympic torch relay - the first week in pictures

Newsround looks back at memorable moments in the first week of the Olympic torch relay.
David Beckham travelled with the flame from Greece to Cornwall and got to light one of the first London 2012 torches.
David Beckham with the flame during the ceremony to mark the arrival of the Olympic flame
The Voice coach carried it through Taunton and he was sending messages from his mobile phone at the same time! carrying the Olympic flame whilsting texting on his mobile phone.
The relay began at Land's End on 19 May. Olympic champion sailor Ben Ainslie was the first torchbearer. He gives a wave before setting off.
Ben Ainslie waving as he holds the Olympic torch, before he kicks off the torch relay from Land's End
Zara Phillips' horse Toytown got in on the action too! The royal carried the Olympic flame on horseback at Cheltenham Racecourse.
Zara Phillips carrying the Olympic flame on horseback at the end of day five at Cheltenham Racecourse.
After touring Greece for a week, the flame was put into four special miner's lanterns and flown to the UK on 18 May.
The Olympic flame in lanterns, secured into aeroplane seats
Princess Anne is president of the British Olympic Association - the flame was handed over from Greece to her at a ceremony in Athens. She carried one of the lanterns down from the special Olympic plane Firefly.
Princess Anne is handed the Olympic flame during the official handover ceremony in Athens
Badminton coach Rebecca Pantaney was treated to celebratory fireworks as she carried the flame over Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.
Rebecca Pantaney carrying the Olympic flame over the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol
The flame will be carried by 8,000 people. All of them get their own torch, which they can buy to keep afterwards. A few have decided to sell their torch online and not everybody's happy about it. Sarah Milner Simonds decided to give the £153,000 raised to charity, but not all torchbearers have been as generous.
Olympic torchbearer Sarah Milner Simonds poses with her Olympic torch that she has already sold on an online auction site
Some famous faces have carried the torch - footballer Didier Drogba, Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams and Chelsea player Josh McEachran have all had a go.
A composite image of Didier Drogba, Amy Williams and Josh McEachran carrying the torch.
Here's where it all started on 9 May. The Olympic flame was lit using the sun's rays at a traditional ceremony in Greece.
High Priestess Ino Menegaki lights the Olympic flame at the Temple of Hera
So what happens if the flame goes out? The "mother flame" is carried in a lantern on the coach and when David Follett's torch malfunctioned it was quickly relit.
David Follett carrying the Olympic torch on the leg between Torrington and Bideford.