Plans to capture buzzards and destroy nests shock RSPB

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Leah finds out why buzzards could be under threat

Plans to capture wild buzzards and destroy their nests - to help protect pheasants - have angered the RSPB.

The government's looking at ways to stop the UK's most common bird of prey from targeting pheasants for food.

But charity RSPB called the idea of taking wild buzzards into captivity and destroying their nests "totally unacceptable".

Buzzards are protected and there's been a big increase in their numbers over the past 15-20 years.

Around 40 million pheasant birds are released for game shooting each year.

Many game keepers think that buzzards have a harmful effect on pheasant shoots.

But the RSPB claims that buzzards play only a small role in game bird losses.

A government spokesperson said it was looking "to find ways of protecting these young birds [pheasants] while making sure the buzzard population continues to thrive".