Wingsuit stuntman Gary Connery completes helicopter jump

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Amazing stuntman flies without parachute

A stuntman has jumped from a helicopter without using a parachute - and landed safely.

42-year-old Gary Connery completed the stunt wearing a specially developed wingsuit.

He flew 1.4km through the air for about 50 seconds before landing in an area covered with 18,600 cardboard boxes.

Gary Connery lands on cardboard boxesReuters
This is the moment Gary landed on cardboard boxes to break his fall.

Gary's worked on films like Batman Begins and Indiana Jones and has already completed about 880 skydives.

For the stunt to happen safely, the weather conditions had to be just right - otherwise the cardboard boxes could have blown away.

He is the first person ever to jump from such a great height without using a parachute.

Gary ConneryBremont
This is Gary's test run - he dropped at about 80mph, faster than cars on the motorway.

"Tonight will be all about celebrating with friends and family," he said, shortly after completing the jump.

"Tomorrow I will be plotting my next daring challenge!"