SpaceX Falcon cargo rocket launches safely, to meet ISS

Last updated at 10:39
SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft atop rocket Falcon 9 lifts off from Pad 40 of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Titusville, Florida.Getty Images

SpaceX's unmanned Falcon rocket launched successfully in Florida on Tuesday morning.

It will visit the International Space Station where it will drop off 500kg of food, water and equipment.

It look just 10 minutes to travel 211 miles (340km) above the Earth's surface but won't reach the space station for another few days.

Before it docks with the station, the craft will test its communication and control systems.

If everything goes well it will fly to within 10m of the station where it will stop and be grabbed by a robotic arm.

It's the first cargo to be delivered to the ISS by a private company. It could change space travel forever.

The US space agency Nasa is trying to save money by paying private companies to do some of its work.

Private companies, such as Virgin Galactic, are now flying passengers into space, too.