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Earthquake in Italy causes destruction, killing 7

Pictures of damage from the strongest earthquake to hit Italy in three years, killing seven people, injuring dozens more and destroying historical buildings.
This care centre in Finale Emilia is looking after people who lost their homes.
A care center is filled by evacuated people in Finale Emilia, Italy.
It wasn't just old buildings that were ruined. A silo at this factory was destroyed and nearby a warehouse storing over 300,000 wheels of cheese collapsed.
A silo lies on ground in a factory after falling during a earthquake.
Seven people died and about 50 were injured after the magnitude-6.0 earthquake, which struck at 4am local time.
Cars lie crushed beneath rubble.
Historical buildings like this clock tower in Finale Emilia were destroyed.
A crumbling clock tower. Half the clock face is still visible.
These firefighters are recovering a painting from a collapsed church in the village of San Carlo.
Firemen recover a painting from a destroyed church in the village of San Carlo after an earthquake shook downtown Finale Emilia.
This old church in northern Italy was destroyed after an earthquake hit the area on 20 May.
Rubble is strewn in front of the church of Buonacompra following an earthquake.
This hospital is looking after elderly patients. The earthquake was the strongest to hit Italy for three years.
People from a hospital for the elderly receive first aid after an earthquake in Finale Emilia.
An earthquake is often followed by smaller tremors called aftershocks. The ones after this earthquake were strong enough to make the tower completely collapse.
The clock tower has completely collapsed.
Shelves were shaken bare in this supermarket during the 'quake.
Hundreds of products lie on the floor in a supermarket after being shaken to the floor by the earthquake.
Just hours after the earthquake, an emergency tent camp was set up for refugees. Italian authorities need to find space for 3,000 people to stay.
A family walks in an emergency tents camp in Finale Emilia May 21, 2012.
Luckily, it doesn't appear too badly damaged but sadly the church wasn't so fortunate.
Firemen handle a painting recovered from a destroyed church in the village of San Carlo after an earthquake shook downtown Finale Emilia.