Speed-flying down Mount Etna, an active volcano!

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Watch hours of effort turned into a 90 second adventure!

A team of speed-flyers has become the world's first to descend Italy's Mount Etna successfully.

The extreme sport involves a combination of paragliding and skiing at speeds of around 60mph - nearly as fast as a car on a motorway.

First the team have to climb Mount Etna, the top of which is 3,329 metres high.

Climbing any mountain that high would be tricky enough, but then racing down one of the world's most active volcanoes has even more risks.

Mount Etna has already erupted five times in 2012 and no-one knows exactly when it will erupt again.

On the day of the team's challenge there were no eruptions, though.

After reaching the summit the team set off into their high-speed descent back down to the valley.

They celebrated their achievement back at the bottom!